Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Here’s an alternate scenario - he asked to be Man of the Year, they told him no, so he comes out and says the opposite.


I think that’s closer to the truth. I suspect someone wanted to do a story about the unfolding scandals and they called to ask for an interview. Trump asked whether he’d be named person of the year again, they gave a polite “We’ll consider it” and he—for a change—was able to guess what they were really saying (that being “no”).



So he’s a huge liar and has been caught red handed this time. How will he respond to this?


…the same way he has every single other time he’s been caught and it hasn’t changed a thing?



Yeah. that’s the word.

I’d love to see them turn the tables on him. “Trump called our editor-in-chief and said he really thought Hillary Clinton should be Person of the Year since she would have made a much better president than he could ever be in a thousand years. We are considering it.”

Let’s see him call that “incorrect” in his response tweet.



She can’t even tell the truth about baking.



Why would Sanders like about baking a pie? And she had to know that people would figure out it was just a photo she grabbed from the internet.

Trump and his sycophants really are dumb as a bag of hammers.



The pie thickens…

Namkung seemed to believe that the “PBS” in the domain name of the photo she posted meant that Sanders had stolen the photo from the public broadcaster. But the thing is, pbs.twimg.com is just a subdomain that Twitter uses to host photos. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Public Broadcasting Service. The best evidence that Sanders is the original creator of the photo? If you do a reverse image search, it’s clear that Sanders was the first person to post that image to the internet.


Yeah, the original response set off my bullshit alarms. Standard protocol when someone posts a stock photo as their own? Reverse image search. It’ll exist somewhere if they stole it. If you can’t provide that, then it’s probably real, it just looks stupid or staged or whatever. When that guy’s response amounted to “Look at all of these other stock photos I found,” it didn’t really carry the same weight.

I’d like to believe that Sarah Sanders spends all of her free time doing something less humanizing, like kicking puppies or draining foreigners of their life force, but in this case it seems like she actually did* make a pie, take a weirdly lit picture of it at a bad angle, and post it to Twitter. As middle-aged women do.

*I personally think the pie is real, but she didn’t make it. Store-bought, maybe, or something made for her, but we’ll never know one way or the other. There’s plenty wrong with her to prioritize more highly than her pie-making skills or the lack thereof.


I mean no shit. But it was a stock photo or from a menu someplace.

Try to take a picture of a pie from directly above on a white featureless background in your house.
It isn’t happening and it’s not how humans operate.

You take a picture of food at an angle on a table or counter.


So she found a picture on the internet, stole it, and destroyed all evidence that it had ever existed?


Christ on a bike, how did we get to a place where relatively sizeable publications are investigating whether the White House press secretary posted a stock photo of a pie on Twitter? I’m too old for this shit, and I’m not even 40.


We are trying to figure out if she ever lies. Leave us to our thankless task!


I think it is just a white benchtop or serving board of some sort and with a flash photo, the reflection makes it look like a stock photo.


There are crumbs on the counter and a crack in the pie crust. No self respecting stock image food photographer would release something like that.


DJT is a chronic liar, obviously, but to lie about crap like this, crap that he will be called on, is incredible. His appetite for making a fool of himself is insatiable.


She clearly made a pie then placed it on Stephen Miller’s tummy to take a picture. I don’t understand the controversy here.