Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


I think it is just a white benchtop or serving board of some sort and with a flash photo, the reflection makes it look like a stock photo.


There are crumbs on the counter and a crack in the pie crust. No self respecting stock image food photographer would release something like that.


DJT is a chronic liar, obviously, but to lie about crap like this, crap that he will be called on, is incredible. His appetite for making a fool of himself is insatiable.


She clearly made a pie then placed it on Stephen Miller’s tummy to take a picture. I don’t understand the controversy here.


Pecan pies are gross anyway.


I had a chocolate chip-bourbon-pecan pie a little while ago.

It was amazing.


I admit they look weird compared to normal pies, but they are a favorite. Now chocolate pecan pie almost pushes it too far on the sweetness scale, but even that is good.


Pecan pies are amazing. Usually they are too sweet though. I don’t know why but most people seem to make super sweet pecan pies.


I’m calling the police.


We’re Americans. If it tastes great, it will taste even better if you add – pick one – more sugar/more bacon/more hot sauce.

A good slice of pecan pie with a good cup of coffee is a wonderful finish to a Thanksgiving meal.


I think I would add cheese to this list.


Fight me.


I never understood the point of pecan pie for the longest time, probably because I never ate a good one. Bad pecan pie is pretty bad. A good pecan pie with gooey texture, not too sweet, is pretty darn good


Ooh. Bacon pecan pie. That sounds good.


Truedat. Bad pecan pie is a souffle of high fructose corn syrup and the sins of our fathers. A good pecan pie is light and crunchy with the flavor of lightly browned butter and brown sugar raised to sainthood.


This one is good. It’s my great grandmother’s recipe.


Looks great. But who has a silver knife these days? I melted mine down to make bullets.


Noob. Bullets kill you three, maybe four vamps if you choose your shots real well. A knife, though - knife’ll stay with you, keep you safe well after even the trustiest Kalashnikov has succumbed to rust, dust, and ruin.


Am allergic to pecans, see … the right is out to kill me.


If you are shooting vampires with silver bullets…you are doing it wrong.