Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


I don’t know from pecans, but the byline being “your great grandmother Heaton” is the most adorable thing.


Tell me about it. Rich up here, he wants his kids and kinfolk suckin’ blood three weeks after the power goes out, melting down a good edge like that.


You are obviously a vampire. Silver bullets kill werewolves. But you knew that, didn’t you, Vlad?


Clearly the Winchesters, duh. Never know when you need to take down a shifter or a ghoul.


Silver, often blessed silver, works on vampires in some folklore and depictions in fiction. Silver bullets were a key part of John Stekley’s Vampire$ for instance.


@Adam_B see, this guy gets it


Yeah, silver is an acceptable vampire killer in many folklores, probably for the same reason it works on werewolves, something about purification, probably related to how silver tarnishes easily.


Arright, now, princess. Some gods-damned abomination is comin’ at ya. In your house. Y’already called the emergency line, you know it’s not gonna do any good but what the hell. One o’ these god-damned fish-smellin’ dead-eyed sons o’ bitches is crashin’ up the stairs, lookin’ to make an appetizer out of yer little girl, she don’t know nothin’ other’n she wants to be a princess when she’s a grown-up at thirteen.

You gonna argue about silver and garlic and the relative merits of keepin’ yer gunz inna safe 'stead of under yer pillow like God intended, or you gonna stab that hellspawned piece o’shit in the guts with yer gramma’s steak knife and rip its goddammed head off 'fore it gets to yer little girl?

God-damned mall ninja .22 hand-crafted nonsense, sheeeit. Gimme a knife. Good silver one, prob’ly yer folks’ folks brought 'em over in the war.


35 new posts in this thread since my last view. Girded my loins as I clicked on it, wondering what the dumbass tweeted today.

I was relieved to see it was just pecan pie discussion.

p.s. I don’t like pecans, but a good pecan pie is yummy.


Just gonna throw my two cents in, there’s no way that’s a from scratch homemade pie. Aside fro the disposable tin it’s in and the perfectly machine formed designed on the crust, and the fact it cracked like it was frozen crust, what did she set it on to take a photo?

Also, none of this matters. It’s a complete waste of media time to investigate how little this idiot cooked on a holiday,


Thankfully most of the media time was… like a single tweet and then a couple people more or less throwing said tweet up someplace.

Now, the non-media Twitter users had a field day with it.


Trump recommending insane conspiracy theories again, so… you know regular day in America over here.


Well, to be fair she did say she didn’t cook much and she “managed” a pie. I think “managed” here means taking it out of the box and putting it in an oven.


I love to cook, but baking is not my strong suit. I have never made a successful pie crust in my life so I always just buy the premade ones already in the tin. And I make a pretty good pecan pie because let’s be honest, a basic pecan pie is not difficult to make. I’m sure there are tons of more fancy, elaborate ones that I’ve never attempted, but the one I make is easy and tastes nice.

I have no real desire to defend SHS in any way, but as others have pointed out, there are far worse atrocities to spend energy on than a potential stock photo of a pie.


Speaking of confabulation, Trump is now claiming the Access Hollywood pussiy-grabbing tape might not be real (even though he admitted it was when it came out.)


He needs to be jailed as soon as possible.




I think Elon estimate that we are an elaborate simulation at .01% is way too low. I think the US had it is 100 year golden age which lasted from 1900-2000. Then in 2001 we got 9/11, but that wasn’t enough challenge but the US player was still wining . So we got the first negative leader, Trump is -4/-4/-2 leader, as a game difficulty adjustment.


Not real. Via.


Donald Jump. Heh.