Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


He’s literally retarded.


I know that he’s an idiot, and so his words don’t actually mean anything, but: by explicitly excluding Fox, is he tacitly acknowledging that Fox is the most dishonest, corrupt, and distorted?

How observant of him.


I think he’s just an imbecile.



Talking about Pocahontas while meeting with Navajo code talkers, because all Native Americans are the same, amirite?


This is horrifying.


That looks like a cross between Oz’s antechamber and the Upside Down.


I would assume that a relationship with Trump would lead one to favor the dark and macabre.



Let’s be fair here, every sentence that starts with “Sarah Huckabee Sanders just said” could and should just end with “[the most ludicrous, horrifying, democracy-eroding bullshit imaginable]” and we could save ourselves a lot of time and anguish.


He has zero understanding of what those men did and how important they were. They are all just cigar-store Indians to him. And the Jackson portrait is like giving a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day speech under a portrait of Jefferson Davis.


Well, to be fair, a lot of the ex-presidents whose portraits hang in the White House have pretty shitty records when it comes to U.S.-Native relations, if not as extravagantly so as Jackson. Thomas “I just bought a bajillion square miles of land that was neither mine to buy nor France’s to sell” Jefferson comes to mind, for starters.



Yes, but this is a picture of Jackson which Trump had hung in the Oval Office. It replaced a picture of the Statue of Liberty.




I just played through The Evil Within 2. That is one blood smear on the floor away from being a screenshot, and I’m sure Jr will provide that once nighttime rolls around.


If you ended the sentence with …“black is white, night is day, up is down”, I wouldn’t be in any way surprised.


…and it would even match the creepy Christmas picture!


Are we at the stage where we wish Spicer was back? I have this terrible feeling that the reason why he was so bad at his job was because he was not really comfortable with what he had to say, while Sarah has absolutely no issues spewing whatever lies need to told.


I kind of think that too. He knew what he had to say was a bunch of shit but it was his job so he did it, like the vast majority of us do. Still, he had enough of a conscience that you could see he was uncomfortable having to repeat the lies.

Huckabee-Sanders is all in on the lies and is angry before she even takes a question. It’s not about the truth. The real truth is Team Trump! All the complaints are lies.

Or, to put it another way, I’d sit down and have a beer with Spicer and expect to disagree but enjoy doing so. I’d walk away from Huckabee-Sanders.