Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


When Sean first started there was so much contempt for him. He is a good reminder that, yes, things can get worse. I guess I’d have a beer with him too; I’m sure there’s so much more that transpired behind the scenes that it would be a fascinating conversation. One of my friends who knows him swears he’s actually a pretty nice guy.


Sarah “Fuck the truth” Sanders is the voice of the Trump Whitehouse. This alone should be a reason to remove Trump and all of his spawn from the presidency. She is an actual, evil spawn of chaos. The more she talks, the closer her eyes get together. Can we burn her when she becomes a cyclops?


Fuck that dumpy, fake eyelashes, no chin, scowling, evil muppet.

She disparaged Senator Warren today. Get out!



Where have I seen that before? Oh, yes…


Amber Kanazbah Crotty (Navajo Nation Council Delegate) statement on Trump’s “perjorative comment” (Dropbox PDF, sorry):

Today’s careless comment from President Trump is the latest example of systemic, deep-seated ignorance of Native Americans and our intrinsic right to exist and practice our ways of life. The intentional disregard of the historical trauma of Pocahontas as a sexual assault survivor directly resulting from colonization is disturbing.


Let’s simply appreciate the fact that Trump did’t make any woo-woo-woo-woo noises or talked about tomahawks or scalping. Pretty sure those are the only other remaining things he associates with Native Americans.


In a related story, he decided to give the cigar store Indian he bought for the Oval Office to Michael Richards.


“I think if you’d spent any time with me at all you’d see I’m very sensitive to these matters as well…you wouldn’t be hungry by any chance would you?”


God bless us, everyone. For surely we will need a blessing as we walk through the shadow of death in the dread hall of the bone trees.

Insert the obligatory “Imagine the right wing outrage if the Obamas had done the exact same thing” here.


He’s leaving some base support on the table by not tweeting angrily about PC agitators who want to change the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians mascots.


Ah, the good old days.


Trump is fucking ridiculous. Native American people have served in the U.S. military in greater percentages than any other demographic segment in America. A people who had literally everything taken from them have given their lives and their service to this country despite their history with it, and Trump uses a moment honoring that service to shit all over their sacrifice with his racist political aside. Meanwhile, the same fuckwits that are raging about black NFL players kneeling during the anthem being an insult to all veterans make ZERO noise about their Orange Hitler disrespecting veterans at a ceremony intended to honor them, probably because unless the veterans are white, Trumptards don’t give a shit.

Racist America can’t die off fast enough. We may need to have a Purge to help things along.


Considering how the U.S. Military has treated them, that’s awfully big of them. Although I would guess that many enlist because a relatively colorblind meritocracy offers more potential for advancement than many other sectors.



It’s probably just me, but I’m really tired of the Trump administration.



Most of Mr. Trump’s aides ignored his changing story. But in January, shortly before his inauguration, Mr. Trump told a Republican senator that he wanted to investigate the recording that had him boasting about grabbing women’s genitals.

“We don’t think that was my voice,” Mr. Trump told the senator, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Since then, Mr. Trump has continued to suggest that the tape that nearly upended his campaign was not actually him, according to three people close to the president.


It’s all about giving his cultists just enough of a hook to hang their absolute undying trust on. It doesn’t have to hold up to scrutiny. It just has to appease them when they are in danger of having an independent thought.

Given enough time, and should he live long enough, he’ll be sandblasted into this:

and his cultists will be there every step of the way, slavering and genuflecting.


I’ve been wondering if – and I know this is reaching at this point – this change may be somehow related to his conversation with James Woolsey at Mar a Lago last weekend. But of course, he’s a dumb, evil, lying narcissist in cognitive decline, so many things are possible.


It’s interesting that Trump and Moore used the same phrase. “A distraction from the important issues.” Fuck them both.