Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


I love how he’s “not sure”.
Like, he doesn’t know if he said that you could grab people by the pussy.

Which means that he says horrific shit like that so often, that no singular moment is memorable.


Another transparent Hilary rage tweet.


Or he just has dementia and can’t remember whether he said it or not.


What the hell is a deep state authority?


It’s the government secretly working against him! Bastards!

Even though Trump and the republicans are literally in charge of everything right now.


He’d probably just watched Tucker Carlson’s interview with McCullough. With video:

Also, David Frum defined this usage of “deep state” thusly:


He’s still going.

Still trying to figure out what he means by “just won the lawsuit”.



Right, Judge Kelly, a Trump-appointed judge (some background), ruled that he would not issue an emergency order blocking Trump from installing Mulvaney as acting director of the CFPB, which is a long ways from saying that the issue is closed. And then both showed up for work today.

I guess that’s simply good enough for Trump to say that he won. Which should have been obvious to me sooner.

Edit: Ah, could be this headline (“wins”):


Somebody else has gotten a hold of the Donald’s phone tonight. Look at the grammar. There’s no way he could express himself that coherently.



It might have been his publicist, John Barron.


Somewhat encouraging focus:

The prevailing interpretation of Donald Trump, shared by all his enemies and many of his allies, is that he is a con man. It is a theory that explains both his career in business and politics, and has carried through his many reversals of position and acts of fraud against customers and contractors. It remains quite plausible. But new reporting has opened up a second possibility: The president has lost all touch with reality.

The Washington Post and New York Times have accounts from insiders suggesting Trump habitually insists upon the impossible in private. He does not merely tell lies in order to gull the public, or to manipulate allies. He tells lies in private that he has no reason to tell. He still questions the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth, despite the birth certificate. He insists voter fraud may have denied him a popular vote triumph. He tells people Robert Mueller will wrap up his investigation, with a total vindication of the president, by the end of the year.

He questions whether the Access Hollywood tape, on which he was recorded boasting of sexual assault, is even him. (Both the Post and the Times describe Trump repeatedly denying the va


Did someone say delusion?


I’ll take ‘offensive shit the President retweets’ for $500 Alex.


These headlines make me despair. Not just because Trump is acting like a racist idiot asshole - that’s a given - but because of the way it’s being reported. The media is timidly reporting it as retweeting “anti-Muslim” videos when in fact the real story is where he’s retweeting it from - a white nationalist hate group. The President of the United States is retweeting Nazis. That’s the important headline, you cowards.


You know you boned it when Infowars says that retweeting these videos wasn’t a good move.



At some point the “Trump is actually a double agent for the Democrats” line will be trotted out if Virginia proves the rule rather the exception.


So, fabrication is fine just as long as the message to hate Muslims gets through.


Does it really matter who set the Reichstag on fire? CNN is fake news tho.