Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation



That tweet really sums up my (and so many other people’s) feelings about Trump anymore. Intentionally or not, he’s devised this strategy of diffusing negative media attention on anything he does by simply continuing to do ridiculous things at a breakneck pace. It’s overwhelming and exhausting, and leaves no room for anyone to concentrate on any one thing long enough for it to really damage him. In a few short weeks Trump will have been POTUS for an entire year, and in that year he’s literally had 50+ incidents where he’s said or done something that would have been a complete disaster for a sitting President prior to 2017…and yet he remains in office, out of control, with no end in sight.

America, we are truly fucked.


Doesn’t matter. MUSLIMS BAD is all that matters.





Regime change now.


I can’t believe that meme is 8 years old already.




He’s on fire today. Now claiming that Joe Scarborough may actually be a murderer.

I think, as the time for tax bill vote in senate approaches, Trump will get even crazier. I just hope that the media focusses on the JCT report (debt impact of the new tax bill), which hopefully will come out in next few hours.


We’re all freaking out about the shiny tweets – meanwhile he’s disassembling the Obama regulatory regime, starving the State Department, nominating unqualified archconservative federal judges, and providing cover for the GOP Senators and their plutocratic tax bill.

It may not be deliberate, but the Crazy Tweeting essentially works to Trump’s advantage. Always has.


It also tends to normalize some of the fringe GOP, like Ted Cruz. Christ, it makes Pence look like your kindly, wise grandfather.


Word. Well said.


It’s almost like Nixon’s Madman Theory applied to domestic partisan politics as opposed to the Cold War nuclear standoff.



Why after all this time, hasn’t someone in the press said “No you stupid bitch, we are focusing on the right thing. …” and take one for the team?



That video the Post released with O’Keefe was very illustrative of the tactic that Sanders is using. You appear to listen to the question, but you don’t acknowledge the question, you just say what you want to say.

It would’ve been funny if the Post reporter had mirrored O’Keefes behavior-- just keep asking the same questions without acknowledging O’Keefe’s non-responses at all. I wonder how long they could’ve gone back and forth like that.



These tax cuts for the rich will help us defeat North Korea? Well why didn’t you say so in the first place!


Trump’s atrocities against competence and dignity come so fast it’s hard to even catalog them all.

Trump tried to start a Twitter war with Theresa May. That got reported. What slipped through the cracks on a lot of outlets is that in his first attempt, he tweeted it the wrong person, addressing it to some random Theresa instead. Arrogant, stupid, and inept at basic tasks. What’s not to love?


The thing is, Nixon had issues, but he was ulimately a pretty intelligent guy.
Trump is just an imbecile.