Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


BuzzFeed News confirmed Duysak was a contract employee at Twitter and had previously worked as a contractor for other tech companies, including YouTube. “He seemed like he was happy with his job,” one friend said of the employee’s position at Twitter. “He was a contractor, so I assumed he was doing something simple.”
In his capacity working in user services, Duysak likely had administrator access to internal Twitter tools that would allow him to suspend or delete accounts. One former senior Twitter employee told BuzzFeed News that “a lot” of employees have the ability to suspend user accounts and hundreds have a level of access that would allow them to deactivate them. This former employee described Twitter’s account administration system as a dashboard, meaning employees might not need engineering skills to suspend or deactivate an account. “It’s one click if you have the rights to access the tool," the person said.

The source also noted that Twitter was aware its suspension permissions could be abused, but did not change its protocol. “There was discussion that for verified accounts or high-profile ones, there’d be special protections (i.e., ‘two keys’) but it was never implemented,” the person told BuzzFeed News. There do appear to be some limits. Another individual with knowledge of Twitter’s permissions system dispelled the notion that contract employees with administrator access can “become the user,” which would allow the employee to read direct messages and tweet as the account holder.

On Nov. 3, Twitter said it has “implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again.” The company declined to share details on those safeguards.


Not all heroes wear capes.


The Nixon visit to China was a big deal. He and Kissinger, for all of their many faults, were intelligent men. Trump is a fucking idiot. Big difference. OTOH Nixon got his due. Trump is the Teflon Shitgibbon.


Any chance Twitter could implement safeguards to make it happen more often?


I’m all in favor of implementing the final safeguard for Twitter.



Um, isn’t that illegal?


Stupidly, in some states, you are allowed to record a call if one party consents to it. Clearly the party recording that call (that is part of the call) is consenting. However, I’m not aware of the legalities of rebroadcasting it.


Yeah, it’s the rebroadcasting I’m thinking of, even in one party consent states (and are they really restricting calls to those states anyway?). The UK is a one party consent jurisdiction, but you can’t make the recording (or even the contents of the communication) available to a third party without both parties’ consent.


CNN tagline for a video of Trump’s speech: “Trump: The rich people actually don’t like me”

He’s starting to catch on. If he can realize that the middle class and the poor actually don’t like him either, he’ll be on to something.

The rich, on the other hand, mostly do love the tax plan. Not that Trump is capable of realizing those are separate thoughts.


It was Thanksgiving day when Chris Johnson, the chief political and White House reporter for the Washington Blade, learned he hadn’t been invited to the annual White House holiday party for the press.

Mr Johnson, a reporter for the nation’s oldest LGBTQ paper, had attended every such party for the last seven years. He assumed this year’s invitation hadn’t gone out yet, until he heard other reporters discussing them over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“My first reaction was I assumed it must have been an oversight,” Mr Johnson told The Independent.

He emailed the White House to enquire about his invitation, but was bounced between spokespeople. He never received an invitation, and never got an explanation as to why.
CNN, meanwhile, has decided to boycott the event entirely. In a statement on Tuesday, a CNN spokesperson said it would be inappropriate for the network’s reporters to attend, “in light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN”.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded by tweeting: “Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from @CNN.”


The US President has psychosis and is “a very sick man”, said Dr Lance Dodes, a former assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who now works for the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.
“The simple explanation for it, which people don’t want to hear, is that he’s not in control of himself. This is what we mean when we say that somebody is becoming psychotic or is briefly psychotic."

He added: “All of his delusional ideas come up when he is stressed in some way, and then he loses track of reality because it doesn’t fit what he needs to believe.”

Dr Dodes said it was “an extremely dangerous thing” for a position of power to be held by someone who “appears so wantonly unconcerned about the welfare of others and willing to do anything to promote himself”.
Mr Trump was "villainous because of his sociopathy and psychopathy but with a tremendous veneer that he’s extremely good at,” he said.

Nothing that Mr Trump might do would now be surprising to him, including dissolving the US constitution, firing the Supreme Court or starting a nuclear war with North Korea, because such actions would be “consistent” with his previous behaviour”, he added.

The US Congress and allies of Mr Trump need to accept that the President is “an extremely incapable, disordered, sick individual”, he added.




This is such a depressing trademark of this administration/any grade school playground. Back someone into a corner and force them to take a principled stand then mock them for doing so. See also: today’s “Chuck and Nancy” tweet followed by “stop the political grandstanding.”


I turned on the TV today and The View was on. I don’t watch it. But today I was surprised to see McCain’s daughter talking about how Trump wasn’t a racist. How we can’t call people Nazis. How we have to try to find a common ground. That’s as far as I got and turned the TV off. McCain’s daughter, of all people, should see what a scumbag Trump is.



Fake news. Clearly that picture was shot during the London blitz. You can just barely make out the Heinkels in the searchlights.


… during World War on Christmas II



For whatever reason, it appears Junior tweeted that six years ago, and Stephen Colbert replied to it 40 minutes ago. And then Chris Hayes retweeted Colbert’s response.