Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


We went to dinner at a new friend’s house the other day. He is from Russia, and he plied us with this:




“I don’t normally meddle in American elections, but when I do, I make sure to install the biggest dumbass in political history.”



How was it? I like Wyborowa or Olifant.


I don’t know vodka. I’m a scotch/bourbon man. But it was nice and smooth and has a cool pouring spout built in. Best of all it’s like twelve bucks.

So. Russian dinner. Lots of shots. Holy crap.



From today’s Zervos hearing:

(1) In about a half hour, a New York judge will hear arguments on whether to dismiss Summer Zervos’ defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump. Follow along for updates.
(2) Trump’s attorneys have sought to have the suit dismissed or delayed until after his presidency. They said Zervos’ lawsuit is “politically motivated.”
(3) Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz says today’s motion to dismiss the defamation lawsuit “has nothing to do with putting anyone above the law.”
(4) Trump’s lawyer argues that state court does not have jurisdiction over the president of the US. Zervos’ lawyer says “What better court to hear a defamation claim against a born and bred New Yorker who made defamatory statements in Midtown”
(5) Zervos’ lawyers says a delay of potentially 7 years could result in a loss of evidence and deterioration of parties’ memory. Lawyers want to make sure docs are preserved. “We have the right to proceed.”
(6) Zervos’ lawyer says she understands the presidency is a 24/7 job but like any human he doesn’t do his job 24/7. “We can take a deposition at Mar a Lago” while he’s there to play golf, attorney Mariann Meier Wang says.
(7) Zervos’ attorney says that defamatory comments made during a heated political campaign are not protected by the First Amendment. “If someone crosses the line and makes factually derogatory statements, those statements survive.”
(8) Trump’s lawyer says Zervos’ comments were “purely political speech,” because she came forward with her allegations 3 weeks before the election.
(9) Judge said she will review the arguments and once there is a decision it will be e-filed. Unclear when to expect a ruling.


haha sick burn


They should point out that she might not even have to wait 3 years.


What could possibly go wrong with this?


Low class: owning pets and drinking beer.

Somehow this is hero of rednecks everywhere.


He’s a racist.


You can find plenty of racists who like dogs and having a cold one. That’s pretty much all of them.


I’m just sayin.


Not sure if this got shared here. Personally, I’m kinda glad he doesn’t own any animals.

This is the dog he specifically turned down:


Hmm. Adolf liked dogs, of course. On the other hand, I understand he didn’t drink much, and of course was a vegetarian.

I think he and Ted Nugent would have disliked each other a great deal.



Isn’t Don-Don a germophobe? Those are usually not too fond of pets.


Not sure what thread to put this in, but I was amused. Google News:


He sounds like he’s drunk. Big problem with that being that he doesn’t drink.



And thus the forever war on Christmas continues unabated.