Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Well, sure, being awkward requires self awareness and the ability to empathize with others.




So funny. We need thought balloons for that video.

Well, we don’t really because we know what they are thinking about Trump, but the thought balloons would still be funny!



Scott Free aka Mister Miracle


You can’t even satirize Trump. He satirizes himself better than anyone else can but he’s not even trying. He’s a master of self-deprecating humor, but it’s never intended.

Remember when Dan Quayle pointed some kind of bazooka the wrong way and misspelled potato? Of course you do. Remember when Trump said this stupid thing two months ago? Um, no, because I can’t remember the 17 dumb things he’s said or tweeted in the last week.


He truly is a man of his people.


Yeah, Don Don, pretty sure you won’t be in favor of serving ‘full and complete sentences’ for some folks coming real soon.


Justin, I know you have CSIS monitoring this account. I just want to say, I love you.


I mean, he can’t even speak in full and complete sentences.


Also, Ridley and Tony Scott’s production company


You nailed it, I am shocked the Onion has managed to stay in business the last couple of years. Practically every tweet, every event he says something incredibly dumb, and every interview and every press conference is a lifetime of lies and gaffs for a normal politician, but is just par for the course for our Donny boy.


Yet he rode his avalanche of stupidity to the presidency. Lack of shame and a dedicated propaganda network will carry you far.


Oh God, the look on Chrystia Freeland’s face just kills me! Lol!


Let the super-hero themed memes begin!

(It originally said just “I am Tariff Man” but got corrected while I was typing this.)

Although this is clearly an intern and not really Donnie. We know because of the correct use of commas and the techniques to sound folksy that real Donnie doesn’t use - e.g. “$billions” or the phrase “max out.”

It’s worth noting that, while the intern is better at writing than Donnie, they’re a freaking sociopath just like him. (Which is not surprising: who other than a sociopath would work for him?) Here’s the intern’s tweet about the Bush memorial preparations:

Some notes on pretending to have affect, Trump intern: you don’t normally say you’re “looking forward” to grieving with the affected family. Nor do regular people praise the “precision” of the funeral arrangements. (Nor are they usually called “elegant.” The accepted word to describe the arrangements in this situation is “beautiful” - which is in fact a Donnie word, ironically enough.)


So, folks can raid our country, as long as they pay Trump?


Apparently selling us goods we want to buy is raiding?


The grocery store raids me every week!




Yes, Don, Americans loooove paying more for stuff they were going to buy anyway because of your moronic tariffs. Also, for the thousandth time, DJT doesn’t know what a tariff is, and he loves telling people about it.