Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Well that’s just gonna confuse some people. But it’s hilarious.


That’ll be funny for a few more hours. Then at the memorial service tomorrow Trump will inevitably do something so horrific, idiotic, and insane that it will make this parody post look cautious and timid.

I pity future historians who will have to sort through all this. “So wait … he didn’t actually give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a bus. But he did pay a porn actress more than a hundred thousand dollars, and spent most of the time with her awkwardly watching Shark Week. Or is it the other way around?”


Yeh, listening to Jon Meachem, wax eloquently about Bush 41 (which lets face it isn’t the most glamorous Presidential Bio to write), I was thinking what poor hack is going to do Trump’s. Imagine 300 years in the future, their is some poor Chinese scholar studying US presidents, how can they not draw a correlation between the increase of suicides and drug overdoses and Trump’s presidency.



Yeah but he’ll have to live in a country with that debt explosion for the final 100+ years of his life. He’s not thinking ahead, as usual.


I think we all already knew that’s exactly how Trump thinks, right? Even though it may be shocking to see him admit it.

But at this point, it really shouldn’t be shocking either.


Running up the debt is part of the GOP game plan for reducing social spending. If Trump loses in 2020 the GOP will start to scream and stamp their feet about the debt.

First against the wall, those types.


I am Joe’s complete lack of surprise.



He just looks like he’s considering his next bowel movement.


“Apostle’s Creed? Didn’t he beat Rocky?”


This is where I reiterate my pet theory that DT is too vain to wear reading glasses, so he literally cannot read anything in public which is put before him. And he clearly doesn’t know any of this by memory, since he is not a churchgoer.


There’s a much simpler theory:


Survival of the Twittist.

Twit of the Year


He’s just pouting because he has to stand in the second row, behind Obama.


Haha but he isn’t, he is at the end of the same row. He just always looks like he is behind :)


Little pouty baby man didn’t wanna go to Sunday School today.


Worse, someone is saying nice things about someone who isn’t him.
No one is paying any attention to him!
It’s Donnie’s worst nightmare. Having to sit there and be respectful and not get praise for it.
Plus Church stuff.


100% What a god damned child.


Eh, I suspect the look on his face is just his normal serious look. I wouldn’t attribute it to his being upset at not being the center of attention. He’s just a dick and that’s his normal dick face.

I also think the vanity issue about reading glasses is correct too. He probably isn’t the most facile of readers but I’d be very surprised if he can’t read.

So as much as I like to attribute dickishness to Trump, I don’t think he’s pouting or posturing here.