Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


“resting” dick face. Kinda like Ted Cruz.


I appreciate the charitable nature of your take on this, but the simple fact is that given his actual actions as president, and as a person, he does not get the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Everybody else in the room is acting like an adult. He’s acting like a child. If this weren’t a pattern of behavior, I’d see your point. In fact, I tend to try to see the good in people and not attribute intention.

But this sorry excuse for a person deserves no benefit of the doubt whatsoever. He drained that account long ago.

Sorry, Mark.



You really think the Devil would recite the Creed?



But he is putting his hand over his heart. It’s in his wallet.


I was going to suggest his hand was on something else down there, but then I realized he was looking at a coffin and not Ivanka.


I don’t understand how he can be such a disgrace, constantly.


Many people are saying he’s tremendous at being a disgrace. Many people. No one thought he could be a disgrace in Michigan and Florida.


He does the best disgrace. It is a huuge disgrace and he is bigly good at disgrace.

I’m so glad that McCain dis invited him to his funeral, I’m not sure my TV would have survived,


That’s ok. I am just of the opinion that he normally looks like a sour-faced dick unless he’s chortling over thoughts of his own greatness.


What heart?


“I didn’t know George Bush Sr personally but I hear he liked to touch women without their permission, so you know what? He sounds like my kind of guy. Right? Good guy if you know what I’m saying.”


So INAL, but this emoluments thing is tricky. Trump has always run hotels, and obviously from time to time foreign entities are going to rent the occasional room. But that’s just small potatoes, and …

Never mind. Lock the fucker up.


Oh, that seems total on the level.


It’s almost like we had these rules for a reason.




No the President isn’t a toddler, why do you ask?


reference needed

(edit - decided on a different snarky comment)



Judge’s what? Why must he leave us hanging?!

His descent into despair and madness would be MUCH more enjoyable if we knew:

a) there was a firm end date; and
b) he and his family, co-conspirators, and Hannity & friends will all end up in prison for life.