Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


A certain someone is starting to freak out!


Again, you are supposed to respond with


every time Trump tweets.


If it makes you feel any better, he’s the least liked of any modern president. He never got a honeymoon and almost surely never will.

Handy chart in there comparing ranges of modern presidents’ approval ratings.


Bear in mind too, that the economy is generally good, and if you don’t follow the news at so, you likely have no knowledge of the crazy crap that Trump is doing. Lots of folks don’t follow any of that stuff.


Those people don’t help the seering hatred and unfathomable despair, though. Shit’s fuckin important. Pay some goddamn attention.


I know plenty of folks who have to disengage from the news regularly to stave off literal despair and depression. Mainly mothers of young girls.

He’s been great for pharmaceutical companies that profit from mood-leveling meds as well as therapists in cities across the country.


If the era of Bush Jr gave us nothing else, it certainly allowed us to codify the crazification factor, so 10% would’ve been quite low.


I was surprised to see that Trump hasn’t had any input on today’s likely activities regarding Mueller, etc. Very Presidential.


But he has…

Oh wait, you’re being facetious.


I expect to see a continued increase in unhingedness, recklessness, lashing out, tantruming, etc. The phase of the narcissistic cycle that he’s in right now usually has the narcissist being more motivated than usual to avoid shame. They’re also more out of control than usual.

Not shame as you and I understand it – we all know that Trump doesn’t have a conscience, or at least not one that would resemble what we have – but shame as in the acute awareness and anxiety surrounding being looked down upon in any way, or the perception of being looked down on.

@HoarseWhisperer explains it in more detail

Super quick one on what we’re seeing from Trump and what’s likely to come next.

He’s entering a different phase on the narcissistic cycle that tends to be extra unhinged, so might as well talk about it and prepare for it.

It’s perhaps the most bonkers part of the cycle.

  1. As I’ve written countless times, severe narcissists like Trump are utterly controlled by only two primary, driving impulses:
  1. Avoid shame
  2. Seek admiration and esteem

That’s it. Everything else is derivative of those two. Those two drive the bus.

  1. People naturally say “Shame?! The guy has no conscience and is incapable of shame!”

Yes and no. Trump has no moral compass. He has no sense of right or wrong. His entire existence focuses on how OTHER PEOPLE feel about him. He has no internal life. No insight.

  1. So, yes, it is true that Trump doesn’t independently feel shame about his behavior and has no internal conscience.

However, he is entirely controlled by what others think of him.

He can’t handle being looked down on him.

  1. To a narc, the knowledge that others are poised to see them in a very negative light - to see them as unworthy of admiration - or worse, worthy of contempt - is absolutely excruciating.

It’s utterly excruciating to them to see that train coming and not be able to stop it.

  1. It is literally the worst possible thing that could happen to them.

Trump is right there in that spot now.

He absolutely knows that the walls are closing in on the worst public shaming of his life.

He can’t escape it.

This is worth than a boiling death to a narc.

  1. When put in that position, narcs absolutely lose it. They flail wildly. They entirely lose the little emotional regulation they had and just swing wildly trying to beat away what’s coming. They say utterly insane things. They accuse, attack, lie.

It’s a freaking spectacle.

  1. Trump is right there.

He is right at that moment where the narc goes entirely off the rails and blurts out endless craziness. Unhinged lunacy. Utterly devoid of reasoning or thought or logic.

It’s like a drunken man swinging wildly in the dark.

  1. At the end of the day, it changes nothing. It doesn’t stop the Shame Train from coming. It only makes them look utterly unhinged.

It creates a major scene but you needn’t do more than step back and watch.

There’s no point engaging.

Just observe with detachment.

  1. In this state, the narc is extra-bad at forethought. They can’t think ahead. They’re just mega-tantruming.

So, Trump couldn’t hatch a cogent scheme of any kind right now if he wanted to. He’s on tilt.

Right now - at this moment - just sit back and watch.

  1. We’re in for a barn burner of a meltdown.
  1. He’ll flail like a loco lawn sprinkler
  2. He’ll lash out at an endless array of targets
  3. None of it will make any sense
  4. He’ll contradict even himself

…and then…

He’ll go dark when he has punched himself out.

  1. For today… and until there’s reason to do otherwise… sit back and watch the unhinged scene we’re about to see in full technicolor…

…and remember as you’re watching it:

This is what a narc does when they know they’re caught and know that’s about to come out.

  1. To me, this phase is actually oddly comfortable and comforting.

It signals that narc knows he is entirely busted and can’t escape it.

If there was any even potential escape, he’d be trying to manipulate his way out.

When they’re melting down, they know they’ve lost.

  1. It’s easy to be freaked out by how volatile and out of control this all seems.

It’s like the collapse of an old stadium they’re tearing down though. It’s an implosion. It falls in on itself.

We’re OK. Just watch the show. The full nuttiness will be wild.

p.s. Sorry for the typos and redundancy. I write these super-fast, stream of consciousness with no editing, so ya gets what ya get.


It has come out today that Mueller has talked to Kelly, which should make Trump nervous.


I’m looking forward to him (hopefully) losing his shit once the Mueller filings are in today. Should be a fun meltdown after his morning rantings today!


At least things are about him today, and not about that dead guy in the casket that everyone seemed so BOO HOO over.


Totally normal.


Trump really is a petty person.


That feels like he dictated it to the intern, with the intern subbing in predecessor for whatever nonsense Trump shit out.


Apparently Kelly isn’t even on speaking terms with Trump, which is amazing.


And yet Trump appointed him to the position. And probably talked about how brilliant he was and how great he’d be at it, at the time.


I doubt it - Trump is pretty consistent in his praise or criticism. Great judge of character…oh wait…

“He’s a world-class player. He’s in charge of an oil company that’s pretty much double the size of its next nearest competitor.”

Mr Trump added that Mr Tillerson knows many of the players and he knows them well. He does massive deals in Russia."


This is his meltdown in response to the interview Tillerson gave to CBS News veteran Bob Schieffer yesterday in which he mentions having to tell Trump multiple times that Trump’s requests of him and the State Department were impossible because they were ridiculous and illegal. You know, totally normal Presidential stuff…