Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation



The surprising part isn’t that he’s a regifter, or even that he regifts to the person who gave it to him. It’s that he gives gifts at all.


This is true. Presumably if he had a secretary do it they wouldn’t have regifted anything back to the giver, so he must have done it himself. Curious.


Unless his secretary is part of the Deep State, trying to make him look bad! Sad!


Hey, he actually did something that could - in a certain light and with charity - be viewed as selfless and presidential.

… of course you could also see it as him being desperate to get the fuck out of DC.


His base must’ve criticized him for not visiting yet. That’s the only reason, besides vanity, that he ever does anything.


Taking the long way to Florida.


I see he brought a bullet shield with him, just in case. Would amazing to see some sort of false sniper alarm where he grabs Melania and holds her in front of him, out of instinct.


My guess is he is only responding to yesterday’s headlines from various outlets:


The President can’t fly to Iraq on 24-hour’s notice. Hell, he might have been in the air when the stories ran.


Well in a normal Presidency, you’d have to have proper notice, prepare security, get clearances, etc, I assume. The beauty of Trump is that there IS no planning or forethought, so this could very well have been spur of the moment bullshit!


The guy is the biggest buffoon in the world. He’s a terrible person who has no idea what he’s doing. But the military and Secret Service know their shit, and they aren’t going to send the President to Iraq on short notice. It doesn’t matter what he says. That stuff takes weeks of planning, with multiple contingencies in place, background checks, etc.

I don’t want to defend Donald Trump. He’s a garbage person. But let’s pile on the real stuff, not the imagined stuff.


He’s done a lot of last minute stuff like this ( not to iraq), and this is part of the reason protecting el stupido has been more expensive than protecting any other president.


Not when visiting a war zone. Those are always surprise visits to the troops and media.


Yeah, this, and he gets to create some new stupid narrative about visiting troops to give him cover for leaving DC during the shutdown so he can go spend NYE at Mar a Lago, which he wasn’t going to miss, anyway.


They didn’t vet the twitter video very well


And just when we thought he couldn’t screw up the simplest of presidential behaviors…


Who thought that? Not me.


Dude could screw up a 2-car parade.


As one of my friends used to say, he could fuck up a wet dream.