Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


The End Times! WOOT!


Well, at least the Trump Administration has an exit plan. Unlike those Obummers and Clintonistas, with their Left Behind attitudes.


Yes, I’m sure Middle East peace will be achieved by making this Christians versus Muslims - so much winning!


Secret Service might have made him wear a vest.


Every time I think Trump can’t possibly disgust me more than he does already has he finds a way.


Tax cuts for the ultra wealthy: appropriate

Minor annual pay increases for government workers: inappropriate


Leave the umbrella at home and always call it rain.


I hope everyone who voted for him dies of a very painful cancer.


popehat misspelled ‘Armando’


They’ve got it all wrong. They need more deaths to turn this tragedy into a statistic so that people can care even less.


Kelly’s exit interview was pretty much as expected. I kept him from following his worst impulses.



Thanks! ;)


On the one hand he says Trump was always pushing the boundaries of the law, and on the other he says Trump never told him to do anything illegal. It can’t really be both.

Also, too, some people are pointing out how in the interview he admits things he denied while he was in the administration. So, he lied to us.



I 100% expect that he will show up. There’s no flipping reason for him not to. It’s not like he will get political backlash for it. It’s super dramatic (in his mind) AND he’s the center of attention. I just can’t imagine that he could resist.


But he wasn’t there when he said he was.


He called the boss to tell him that he was in the hospital. With the sounds of a sports bar in the background.

Only he’s the fucking president.


I sometimes run to the post office when I say I’m working from home…


Clip and save. Fahrenthold is an excellent, relentless reporter (and won a Pulitzer for his series on the Trump Foundation and it’s lack of charitable giving.)


Fahrenthold is the best investigative reporter of our time.

Most of the recent crap about Trump was broken by Fahrenthold… Years ago.