Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


DJT is a modern day philosopher king.



Our Commander-in-Chief is making sure the world knows that he’s concentrating on the important issues:


There’s nothing more important than having good-looking generals. Everyone knows this!


But were they taller? Tom Cruise is notoriously average in height.


Below average. He’s only 5’7".


Hottest group of generals ever assembled, many are saying!


Maybe they can make a swimsuit calendar of these generals, and then use the proceeds for the wall!


I like it that the generals are also stronger than Tom Cruise, because you need strong generals to carry those field packs and anti-tank rockets. Why, Tiny Tom Cruise would crumble under all that weight!


Turns out the generals thing was just him getting warmed up:


Today is the day that DJT became president.




“The caravans have an undead Guatemalan dragon. We need BOARDER FUNDING! SAD!”



After staggering along the past decade, I think Donald has completely malfunctioned now.


What does that last tweet mean? He must be suffering from dementia or something. Can we just move on to President Pence now?


I’d like to see him spend a lot more time in a “big house” with guys armed with machine-guns.


But I mean if they wanted to wave them at him a little I wouldn’t say no.


I can work with that.


Hey fella, you got a problem with someone being 5’7"?