Wish - When you wish upon a star Chris Pine answers

Wow. We didn’t even have a thread for this.

Anyway reviews are coming and it may be another rough box office for Disney in what’s turned out to be a real underperforming string of movies.

But who knows. It’s a kids movie so you can never tell what’s going to hit.

Stars Ariana DeBoise. Directed by Chris Buck (Frozen)

All I can see is Clayface when the goat is talking. Harley Quinn has spoiled me.

Yeah, I saw a review headline like this and thought: uh oh.


In this drowsy state of play, Disney’s “Wish” earned a lackluster $8.3 million on Wednesday. The animated film, which tells the origin story of the wishing star that’s featured prominently in other Disney adventures, cost a hefty $200 million to produce. It is projected to earn more than $37 million over the five-day period, a disappointing number given its cost and another sign that the studio is mired in a creative and commercial rut.

Wish wishes it made $37 million. It’s now projected to end the 5-day weekend with $31 million.

Bomb for sure.