Witchmarsh justs adds Cthulhu. And Bioware. And Metroid. And jazz.


The typical “just add Cthulhu” approach would make Witchmarsh a mere sidescrolling shooter, although a charming one. It certainly looks like it’s got one foot planted squarely in the sidescrolling shooter camp. Just look at the animated images on its crowdsourcing page of an investigator shotgunning what look like a couple of byakhees, or the firing arc of the bow straightening the longer it’s pulled. Seems at first glance like a hearty action game under a Lovecraftian sheet, in which era-appropriate characters shoot at Lovecraftian things. Maybe a “Metroidvania”. Arkhamvania?

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Saw this a week or so ago and it looks preeeettty good. It reminds me of the Penny Arcade games, which I enjoyed. Did you even play those?


What a great pitch. Thanks for the heads-up.


Had I known this existed I think I would have joined the Kickstarter. As it is I suppose I'll look forward to December. A Lovecraftian Metroidvania with a touch of Bioware? I'd only be more interested if they had Steve Meretzky on staff.


The Kickstarter hasn't ended yet - you could get your portrait in the game, for instance!


This is probably a pretty cool game, but the phrase "think equal parts Lovecraft and Wodehouse" really makes me want to punch someone. That's like "Billy Friedkin" times a hundred to me.


My mistake - I misunderstood the game reaching its funding goal as having reached the end of its term. I'm off to throw some money at these dudes!


Yeah, the Lovecraft + wodehouse thing isn't as cute as they think it is.


Neat. Thanks for the heads up about this project.


Maniac Mansion meets Blackthorne would have got my attention


Why do you say that? Just curious.


Because Jeeves (for me) is a beloved childhood character and thinking about a kind Jeeves type being menaced by an unspeakable horror makes me sad :( Wooster would have no clue, natch.


Have you ever had the P.G. Wodecraft stories inflicted on you?


pokes thread vigorously

So I forgot I even kickstarted this like 4 years ago ,but apparently I did and the developers have been working on the game all that time! So yay!

If you are bored, there are 93 dev blog updates here :


Also many gifs on their tumblr:


Hey I backed this too! Maybe we’ll get to play it someday.


Jan 11th they put up a progress video.


Love the music.