Witch's Wake suspended.....indefinitely!

All you NWN fans out there…the free ride from Bioware in the way of professional content has come to an end. Those resources are being re-directed elsewhere.

Maybe they do not want their free content competing with the expansion. NWN: Skidmarks in Underwear. That does not sound quite right, but it is close.

Ohle, DaveC…Ohle you are the PR guy right? What’s the deal, yo?

It was nice while it lasted.

Considering that Witch’s Wake ended in a cliffhanger type situation, this is more than a little frustrating.

I understand that Bioware doesn’t want to pay designers for providing free content - and with all the mods/campaigns/DMs out there, there’s may not even be a need. But to leave a story just hanging there?


It’s not a matter of us wanting to stop the Witch’s Wake series–it’s us not having the writing resources to keep it going and, at the same time, to work on our other projects. We’re still looking for a really good writer; when that person gets hired, Rob Bartel may again become available to work on Witch’s Wake. It sucks… we all want to see the series continue, but we’re having a tough time finding writers that are good enough to hire.

I assume that the writer has to move to Edmonton?


I assume that the writer has to move to Edmonton?

Dear God, no wonder you can’t find anyone for the position! :lol:


I assume that the writer has to move to Edmonton?



I think they stopped it because they hate Americans. That’s in addition to the Shawshanks of Riptide pressure for sales.

Yay! Now every thread can be about anti-Americanism!

I guess its a good thing I hadn’t started Witches’ Wake. Just have to wait for Skimbleshanks of Rumpelteazer, I guess.

That darndable witch.

Tom, what’s it pay? I’ll move.*

*no shit.

Beats me. I’m in PR :)

And you can’t even make up a convincing fib to lure him into your spider’s web? No PR man you! ;-D

I think about all you can say about Edmonton is something like, “It’s not as cold as you think!” or “It’s beautiful during our two weeks of summer!” :)

Or alternatively, what I’m sure is the BioWare motto after your first week in its stately charms…‘DONT MOEN’

NWN: Skidmarks in Underwear


Shawshanks of Riptide

I have been to Edmonton and NO money in the world would be sufficient to lure me back…

…why doesnt Bioware move to Toronto???[/i]

Because Toronto’s a terribly dirty city, and only people who currently live there want to live there? :)

And Edmonton is totally great, except for November - March (which is when there’s a chance it’ll be really cold–though it didn’t really get cold here until late December this year). Cheap place to live, a gigantic river valley / parks area, decent nightlife. Pretty good place–and I’ve lived in a few heh

Sure, if you like any of the four bars in the city. I like that Irish pub along the strip.

Heh…there’s more than four, you just have to get to West Edmonton Mall :-)

…and yeah, O’byrnes is a favorite of mine too. Except when it’s minus fricken 30 out. Oh well, this is Canada, after all. I should be used to it. Now where did I leave my electric-heated longjohns…

Sure, if you like any of the four bars in the city. I like that Irish pub along the strip.[/quote]

Pfft! from my office window, I can see 4 bars (seriously). There are at least 10 along Whyte ave (which is where we are here), another 7 or 8 at West Edmonton Mall… and then a few hundred scattered around the rest of the city. We know how to drink here, and have lots of places to do it :)

So, by all the talk of bar-hopping, cold weather, and America hating from the developers representatives, I am going to assume that Witch’s Wake ceased to be due to the fear that it would be competing with the soon to be released expansion. NWN: Awkward Game Title