With Washington State, will American Truck Simulator add dashboard lattes as DLC?

			    With Washington State, will American Truck Simulator add dashboard lattes as DLC?
			      Nick Diamon, January 28, 2019
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SCS Software is finally adding my state to American Truck Simulator. Washington State will complete the western coast in the game, allowing intrepid road warriors a scenic drive up Highway 101, or a less scenic commute down the traffic-choked corridor of Interstate 5.
As with most cities in the Truck Simulator games, virtual Seattle will likely be a condensed facsimile of the Emerald City, but it has to be better than the puny version in The Crew or its sequel. There, it was an anemic handful of streets and an unconvincing scatter of landmarks.


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Hell yeah, Washington state represent! Hope your windshield wipers work.


I want Utah dammit


…or that you’re in the 2/3 of the state east of the Cascades.


I’ve more-or-less driven the same stretch of I-405 for, like, twenty years.

I’m not sure how I feel about this DLC.


Dude, I would not drive on the 405 even in a video game.


Waaaiiitt, I thought you were a Washingtonian. Only a Californian would say “the” 405.


I call I-5 “the 5” too!


Me too! :) But I have an excuse; I live in San Diego. Has this Californianism infected the rest of the coast?


I guess so, but if it did I don’t think it’s anything new. I’ve lived out here since 2002, and I just adopted what everyone else was saying. Where I grew up, an interstate went through my town and everyone called it “I-20”, not “the 20”, so I kind of had to adapt.