Wizardry 8 and SafeDisc

Well, despite my best intentions to play this acclaimed RPG from a defunct company, I cannot get it to recognize that I have the CD in the drive in order to start the game. I have a TDK 24/10/40 CD-RW and a Pioneer DVD-R. I try to start the game and it says it cannot find the CD in either drive. Is there a way around this issue or am I once again going to sing…



Do you have the latest patch? I remember that they fixed some copy protection problems along the way, and wonder if that could be the problem.

Also, have you checked TDK or Pioneer’s web sites for firmware updates? Just a thought …


Thanks Peter. This version of W8 includes the latest patch on the discs so I’m good there. My TDK and Pioneer firmware is pretty recent though I nearly fubar’d my PC last time I updated the Pioneer firmware. Best Buy here I come. I need to go anyway to get my additional $5 discount on Planetside because it went on sale this week ($45 vs $50 when I bought it earlier this week).



One other thought: You might search on the net for a no-cd patch. (I don’t know if one exists; I just keep seeing references to these things.)


Wizardy 8 no cd crack:

Just follow the instructions. Hope it works for you.

Too late. I already returned it to Best Buy. The no cd crack may have worked, but I’m too lazy a gamer to send that much time on a game I am just trying out.


Oh well. You’re probably better off, from the reviews I’ve read the last few games in the Wizardry series have been pretty awful.

As a side note, why do developers (or more likely their publishers) keep insisting on using copy protection technology that is not only frustrating to the end user but is also so easy to circumvent? I don’t condone piracy but the first thing I do after I purchase a new game is download the no cd crack, just because I don’t feel I should have to spend 20 minutes looking for the cd every time I feel like playing a game I legally bought.

Wizardry 8, IMO, was actually pretty damn good. It was a great juxtaposition of the old-school Wiz RPG style and a fairly decent graphic engine. The only real downsides of the game were 1)Battles that were INCREDIBLY long and drawn out, and 2)the game would merrily allow you to screw yourself over to the point where you needed to restart the game.


Wiz8 is probably my favorite game from the last several years. The storyline can be a little goofy at times, but the combat and character development are top-notch.

I remember having copy protection trouble when I first installed the game–after some frustration, it turned out that I had to have the third CD in the drive, rather than the first like I initially thought. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation pointing this out, though.