Wizard's First Rule

Goodkind is awful. I can’t believe anybody recommended this crap to me, after I explained that I enjoyed reading the likes of Vance, Donaldson, and Zelazny. I would have to whittle my brain to the size of a peanut before I could get within 100ft of another Goodkind book. Reading this book was akin to having my brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.

Anyone read Eddings last paperback, the Redemption of Althalus? Un-f*cking-believably bad. His new hardcover is probably already an integral tool used by al-Qaeda to torture captured enemies with.

Oh really? Man, that’s disappointing… are you an Eddings fan tho, or did you dislike him after the first series of books in either fantasy universe he created?

— Alan

No matter how much I like razzing Eddings’ books for being what they are, they will always be dear to me, for getting me into devouring books.

Anders I am with you. I found them when I was about 18 and powered thru the first 5 laughing all the way. No the writing was not good but at the time the characters were fresh and the writing was funny and fast. I can’t kill the man now looking back on 4 series all telling the same story because I still have a warm spot for them. But I have not picked up the Polgara and Belgarath books not Althalaus.