WMV to AVI converter - help?

So! My father’s birthday has come up and the man has everything. As a result, I’ve had to go to unconventional lengths to find something worthwhile for him, and I’ve come across a hurdle.

I need to convert some files from the WMV format to AVI.

Now, this, apparently, is one of the favorite trial-software scams out there, where a bunch of programs will cripple their trial version in some significant way while promising the world to anyone who forks their credit card info over to them.

Being the cautious sort, I come to supplicate at the altar of the Hivemind.

Which converter should I use/buy?

Quick media converter will get the job done. it’s free and it works well if you use the pre-sets. once you start customizing settings things stop working.

you can grab QMC from http://www.cocoonsoftware.com/


You can also try Handbrake, which as of late last year is a fairly decent general video converter.