Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Nioh 3 Kingdoms

It says early 2023 but I’m guessing early 2024. That would make it 4 years from Nioh 2. Unless they’re just slapping ancient China right on top of that game.

Looks cool as hell. I was like, damn, TimJames needs to see this and then I saw who posted the thread. Of course.

Either 2023 or 2024 is good…gives me time to build up enough Microsoft Points on my rewards account to get it for free. Hope it won’t run/look too much like ass on the Series S. That console always seems to get the short end of the stick.

Looking forward to see another approach to 3K that’s not DW, especially since KT has been shitting the bed on their non-licensed DW stuff for the last 4 years (DW9, WO4, 9E, SW5 all were kinda not great)

Team Ninja has been shipping games at a pretty regula clip. I wouldn’t doubt the release window too much.

BTW, Koei Tecmo confirmed the game is coming to PS4/PS5/Steam as well.

Is that meant to be Lu Bu there at the end? Looks awesome!

I’m 100% in for whatever the Nioh team comes up with.


Not much new detail, just a few confirmations. Maybe 2023 will happen, who knows. They must have their workflow down pat by now with the old engine.

Text notes:

  • Faster action, fights will be shorter and faster rather than based around carefully reducing stamina, maybe more of a hack and slash though the IGN text implies otherwise
  • New morale system instead of stamina, enemies will receive some sort of reward for defeating you, very vaguely similar to the Nemesis system
  • You can jump, though they say everything will be down to earth and not crouching tiger stuff
  • Still linear, stage-based, but with some more open areas
  • Less emphasis on loot, probably going to acquire specific weapons from specific characters from that time period, not all enemies will drop items
  • Full co-op like Nioh 2
  • Still has character creation
  • Set early in the Three Kingdoms era
  • The Bloodborne producer, Yamagiwa, wants to emphasize a fair challenge the feels good to overcome, which is pretty typical for this genre but good to hear
  • Probably another beta system like with the two Nioh games

I was thinking this was going to be somewhat of a fusion of Souls and Dynasty Warriors, but now I’m less sure. Maybe they took away the Diablo and made it a little closer to Ninja Gaiden.

I liked the Diablo parts. They could have reduced the loot spam a bit and still be fine, but the ARPG loot hunt was a fun aspect of the game that’s not really present in the genre. Curious how I’ll like this implementation.

Either way, I’m in with whatever they decide to do. Nioh 2 makes this a must-buy.

I know some people hated it. I liked it but I’d still love their games even without it. It’s just a nice way to break up the combat, which is something that beat ‘em ups have wrestled with since the beginning. I’m also curious what they replace it with. Maybe light platforming or exploring the “wide corridors” of the levels. I suppose there may still be some inventory management at a lesser extreme.


I say again: YEP!

I played to the first boss in Ninja Gaiden Sigma the other day and realized. Damn, I still remember how to do this. Ninja Gaiden is still fun.

I should give Nioh a serious try.

(After I finish my other Souls-backlog of course. Elden Ring, Sekiro, Dark Souls 3, The Surge 1 and 2).

They’ll be working on Nioh 12: Chernobyl by then.

There’s already a Steam page. 2023 seems more realistic.

But they said Yamagiwa joined Team Ninja when Wo Long was still in the concept stage, and they announced his arrival late 2021. Even if it was earlier that year, can they really crank a new game out that fast? I’m still skeptical.

Here, it’s easier to link to a reddit post where someone has already converted the latest interview to a bulleted summary.

Summary: things will change, but it’s still a spiritual successor to Nioh. All positive news so far.

I guess the big tidbit is confirming no stamina or stance system. They talk about flowing between offense and defense and styles based on the Chinese 5 phases, so I still expect plenty of options.

I enjoy how the developers in that video spend so much time describing how it will “feel” to play. That fills me with optimism. #nodukka

Yeah I like how they describe the gameplay in terms of high concepts instead of simply saying “it’s China Nioh 3 with selectable attack styles.” It’s like an artist that doesn’t want to reveal the meaning of their art, plus it gives the developers a wide range to be inspired within the guidance.

Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s fun to hear them answer the questions with vague descriptions.

Will be waiting for this eagerly. I need to get into the endgame in Nioh 2 in the meantime. It’s too bad it’s such a pain to get running on the Deck.


Looks like an updated Nioh engine as expected.

One strange thing is they’re using the Sekiro red dot but for multiple different states: certain incoming enemy attacks, the enemy ready for a kill animation, and then one on the player character himself.

Looking good!