Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Nioh 3 Kingdoms

Some interesting comments from the IGN guy on exploration and map design.

Plenty of other gameplay videos if anyone is interested. I think I’m going in blind at this point. I fell and hurt my thumb yesterday so I just need it healed up before the release date, haha.

This is my approach as well. I don’t need to watch any gameplay videos or read anything about the game to know I’m going to buy it and play it and I really enjoy going into games blind whenever possible.

Same here. I actually downloaded the demo a while back, went to start it up, and then decided that whatever was in there, I’d rather experience it the first time when playing “for real”. Videos, previews, and demos are great when I’m trying to decide whether to get something, but at this point Team Ninja has carte blanche from me.

Especially since this is a Day 1 Game Pass game.

Interesting system with the Morale and Fortitude.

Good morning. It’s time to parry China.

The PC demo is unplayable for most people right now. Black screen during cutscenes, crash when the gameplay starts. It’s missing performance options that it’s supposed to have, so clearly an older build.

It’s fine on PS5 at least! Similar to Nioh: kind of last gen looking, decent performance except with a lot of fire on the screen, etc.

I like the combat so far. There’s a satisfying clang to successful parries. Fighting regular enemies is a bit boring though. There’s not much to do with them.

PC Demo crashed for me after character creation.

Yeah, I tried all the goofy workarounds and no luck.

I played it twice on PS5 and now I have to wait a week to play the rest of it. Maybe I’ll buy Hi-Fi Rush.

I can’t even find the demo on the PC Xbox app. I see it on Steam, but I’m planning to play via Game Pass, and don’t want to risk the save not transferring over.

Restarting my computer allowed me to get past character creation. But you should definitely play Hi-Fi Rush.

For PC Game Pass subscribers, the demo is on the Windows App Store, rather than the Xbox App.

I got in and died repeatedly due to the Nioh dodge button becoming the jump button…

Black screen crash has been solved.

I had an old Citrix display adapter from a work VPN thing from years ago. Uninstalled and now I can play the demo on PC.

The character creator may be even more ridiculous in this one. Did Nioh 2 have a “tear trough depth” slider???

Ohmuhgerd this is just chefs kiss. I’m going to be so bad at the parry but I don’t care.

After coming from Wild Hearts, playing the Wo Long demo with DLSS enabled was just pure butter. It felt so good to play.

Cannot wait for the 3rd!!!


This felt noticeably more manageable than Sekiro (which I have not yet completed) but still very difficult during the boss fights. I’m glad I tried the demo because I can safely put this one on hold, as I have no desire to play it right now, as compared to doing NG+ on Nioh 2 or trying out Stranger of Paradise or whatever its called. Seems like it’s gonna be a good time though.

The first boss is pretty challenging, especially if the tutorial glitches out (or you don’t see the message on the side of the screen) and you don’t realize there’s a way to end the fight early for story purposes. The other bosses are easier.

I did not see that. You mean the guy with the pineapple mace? I got to his second stage but died. I’m on Xbox and haven’t played much yet because I let my girlfriend play Hogwarts there.

I did not realize that. I got him down to 10% in stage 2 a few times but kept screwing up – I’ve been playing Wild Hearts the past couple weekends so my timing is completely off. Then I popped my guardian (or whatever it’s called) ability as I just remembered it was a thing and suddenly the fight ended. Hah!

Yeah the blindfold boy says to “use the jade” and I had no idea what he was talking about. It’s Y+B or triangle + circle once he gets below 50% health in phase 2.

I was watching on Twitch the first night and so many people were struggling or confused. Had to do some backseat gaming on that one.

Anyway, it’s a tough but fun fight. Worth going back to play again. So much fun to sit there and parry him.