Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Nioh 3 Kingdoms

Get your level up and put more points into HP and carry weight to wear heavier armor at B/green agility. Respond to co-op calls or use your qi items if you need to gain levels. Level isn’t as important as morale but it makes it much easier. You won’t be struggling as much.

Ouch, I made it to what seems to be the last enemy and I’m only morale 12, while he is 20. This level isn’t easy to navigate to make a quick run for more morale.

I have quite a few sub battlefields I can do to gain XP, but that morale difference is going to need to be addressed. I was hoping to get down to A agility (at B currently), but I think that will require around 15 more levels.

From your description, you have at least one more to go. :)

I’m at the Taoist, but I need to backtrack and try and find the ‘bonfires’ I missed so my morale doesn’t start off so low. I really hate these narrow, windy paths that i need to navigate and sometimes fight on. It would suck to make it this far and then bow out - but I’m not enjoying this level.

Now I see what you mean…

It’s really crazy how much morale plays a part in the difficulty. I did a morale run on the last level, got it up to 25 and then beat the Taoist easily.

I’m going to be screwed on this one because there isn’t any way to boost my morale or call in reinforcements. Man this will suck if I can’t get by this last battle.

I guess if all else fails I can try to get my level up. I’m at level 93 now.

Maybe I’ll also respec to get my agility to A, because in the beginning I was splitting my points between wood and earth. I think I’ll get down to A if I go all earth.

I haven’t beat the last boss yet, just had time for two attempts on Sunday and probably won’t be back at it until next weekend. Thankfully I don’t have the completionist mindset so it won’t gnaw at my brain if I don’t beat him, but I would like to finish it off just so I’m ready for the DLC when it comes out. DLCs is what really took Nioh 2 to another level and I’m curious if the same thing occurs here!

Woo woo, I beat the last boss! So @tomchick and myself were both wrong when we said I wouldn’t make it to the end :-)

First I changed up my armor and stats so I could get an A agility. That didn’t work. So then I got my agility to a B with my armor I had been wearing and dumped the rest into raising my HP. Pretty much what @TimJames said to do. Then I kept trying and finally I could get the boss down below 50%. Then I almost killed him, then I got worse again, but my typical run started improving and then I finally got him.

So how much do you guys pay attention to armor and weapon stats? I pretty much stuck with the first armor set I got for raising an ally relationship to 10, then I just kept it upgraded. I did tinker with the bonuses a bit. When I got my butt kicked my a boss with lightning I bumped up the lightning resistance. I think I also bumped up the stat that improves how often I could summon the spirit animal.

It did feel good to keep getting better and beating bosses who felt unbeatable. Especially the last one where I couldn’t rely on allies or getting my morale high. Overall it was a solid game. The areas where it could use improvement are having more enemy variety and making the environments more interesting. I guess I’m spoiled by Dark Souls in that regard since their levels are always great. DS enemies are more interesting too.

It seems like people in this thread generally prefer Nioh 2 over Sekiro? I’ll keep my eyes open for a Nioh 2 sale. I already have Sekiro. I did play Sekiro for a couple of hours before it beat me down but I may try again.

That’s my opinion but it wouldn’t be close to the mainstream opinion.

Congratulations on beating the game.

For Nioh 2 vs Sekiro I think it probably matters a lot what kind of game you want. They aren’t remotely the same.

How would you sum up the differences?

  • Nioh 2 has lots of weapons and builds while Sekiro focuses on one weapon with more limited customization.
  • Sekiro seems like it is more polished / refined.
  • Nioh 2 has more complex mechanics (stances, some ki pulse thing, etc)
  • It seems like Sekiro has more interesting maps.
  • Because of the simpler mechanics it seems like the Sekiro control scheme is simpler and easier to manage for people who have trouble managing complex UI in the middle of combat (me).
  • Nioh 2 lets the player grind to get past some encounters while Sekiro doesn’t allow that much.

Does this list seem correct? Any other major differences?

Thanks @TimJames, it felt good to complete it !

Hey, that’s awesome, @robc04! Since I’m pretty sure you’re usually a dilettante like me – I almost never get all the way through a game! – that must feel like quite an accomplishment.

I searched for a gif of a ninja giving thumbs up, but it was all turtles and some douchey looking YouTube celebrity. So here’s a thumbs up from DC’s Black Adam:

Thanks! You can’t go wrong with The Rock.

As far as making it to the end of the game, it depends on the type of game. I’ve made it through all the dark souls, Elden ring, blood-borne, but, some games I just get too bored with the repetitive ness of them. Some games have too high a skill requirement and I have to bow out. There were times I didn’t think I was gonna make it through this one!

I think you summed it up pretty well although I’m not sure I would say Sekiro is more polished/refined. They are both pretty well honed games for what they are. Nioh is Ninja Gaiden with Diablo’s loot chase and God Hand’s dial-a-combo move system and a teensy little sprinkling of souls mechanics on top for flavor. It’s great and honestly the major thing this thread has done is make me want to go back to it because I never even finished the game once let alone delved into the crazy layers of NG+ mechanics.

Sekiro is a From game through and through. Atmosphere, map exploration, weird and somewhat hazy (although a lot less so than usual) story, the whole nine yards. It’s a jidaigeki from the guys who brought you Bloodborne and it’s everything that makes it sound like it could be. I loved it, although I’m not sure there’s much there for me to go back to (multiple endings are of course de rigeur for From but that’s never been a huge draw for replays for me). The combat is parry based but centers around timing the block button so it’s easier to get caught out. It sure as hell feels great when you’re firing on all cylinders, though, like a rhythm game that shows scenes from a samurai anime (but like, a good one) instead of a light show or dancing or whatever. And then there are a couple of real tear your hair out bosses like usual. So good.

Yeesh, well I must have been projecting, because I don’t think I’ve come within 40 hours of the ending of any of those games! I take back what I said about you being a dilettante, but you can still keep the thumbs up from that dude who was in Jungle Cruise.

Nioh 2 is a looting game. As much loot drops as in a standard ARPG. Indeed, it is a melding of the looter ARPG with complex, difficult, precise combat that is like Souls games, but more complex, quick and actiony.

It has a plethora of weapons and stats that affect how combat is conducted. One grinds in Nioh 2, repeating content to farm xp and gear. Builds are a complex interplay between ample character stats, weapon types, devices and magic.

Ultimately, it is about assembling the desired build to style combat in interesting ways.

Sekiro strips most of this gear and stat complexity out of the Souls formula to focus on intense one on one katana combat.

The similarities between the two games is a smaller list: dying is meaningful; combat is challenging, requiring that one “git gud” in a similar way to Souls games – pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of; levels generally are composed of a bunch of easier enemies, tougher ones, mini bosses, culminating in a boss fight.

p.s. I agree with @TimJames, that Nioh 2 is preferable. Some swear by their intense acute memories of Sekiro boss fights, however.

I’m on the Nioh 2 team. I didn’t even finish Sekiro, I was just no good at it. I’m actually shocked I made it through Wo Long, but there was enough Nioh 2 DNA to keep me enthralled. But instead of going to NG+ in Wo Long… I ended up restarting Nioh 2 =)

Does Nioh 2 have better enemy variety than Wo Long? I may pick it up during the sale tomorrow if the price is right.

Yes, for sure.