Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Nioh 3 Kingdoms

Spiral Arrow! Yoga! :D

Taking a look at this game, how does it compare to Nioh 1 and 2?

The simple way to describe it is more streamlined. Fewer basic enemies, less moveset depth. More speed and a good parry system along the lines of Sekiro. It’s a fun romp but probably won’t hold up to 5 playthroughs.

I have yet to play more (decided to wait on more fixes/changes already announced by the dev), but I’d say it’s the third best game by the dev, after Nioh 2 and Stranger of Paradise.

Honestly, i heard mixed things about Stranger and never picked it up. Maybe I’ll grab that first and give it a shot

SOP is a bad port on PC (playable, but it doesn’t really run great), and acessing DLC content can be a grind if you don’t know some tricks to make it faster, but the gameplay itself is really fun. In some ways I like it better than Nioh 2, but Nioh 2 is the better game in terms of systems and longevity.

I’m on PS5, so fortunately no port issues to worry about!

It’s got a truly great combat and character (weapon) progression system wrapped in an extremely mediocre tortilla of story, graphics and well, everything else.

Has the PC performance been improved by now?

I was interested in this on release, but the framerates in the demo were so flaky that I couldn’t hit the parry window on the first boss with anything approaching reliability.

Not yet, which is partly why I’m waiting. Devs have said recently that they’re working on that, but no solid ETA or clear plans on that regard, I think…?

Ah well, I’ll go pound sand in the meantime. :P

So I reinstalled this and it’s running quite well. No complaints there. And I love the gameplay in this even more now that it’s a lot more smooth than when I tried it back in March or April.

That said, I’m in that fight with the much feared Lu Bu. After 10 tries I’m almost at the point I feel I can beat that one, maybe? My build is definitely not the best to face that boss, but I’m getting there. Once I get past that (which might take a few more tries) then it’s experimentation time with builds and weapons and whatnot. Fun fun fun! :)

Nice, glad you’re enjoying! I wonder when DLC 2 is coming out.

September 27th, apparently. So in roughly 2 weeks from now.

EDIT: found confirmation. The second DLC releases on September 27, 2023! DLC key art has also been revealed. | Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

And finally beat Lu Bu. Now experimenting with different weapons and builds. Having some fun with metal and a big club ;)

DLC 2 arrived and the new weapon (Long Sword) is *chef’s kiss*. Very unique and with some pretty cool martial arts, too. Earth/Metal/Water attuned, and I might “respec” my attributes to better suit this one, because I really like it.

That said, still far from doing the DLC missions - I’m still trying to finish the main campaign so I can unlock the higher difficulties and the new roguelike mode introduced in DLC 2. It seems it gives you resources you can use to transfer martial arts, which sounds awesome.

I almost forgot about that mode!

This DLC arrived at a bad time because I’m super eager to get back to Cyberpunk and Street Fighter 6, so I resent all the long boss battles in NG+. They hit hard and fast. You have to be precise.

I’m just about to explore the long swords in more detail, so I hope that’s enough to get me back into it.

Oh never mind. You have to beat a certain number of missions on NG++ to unlock the Thousand-Mile Journey mode. Maybe after DLC3…

I changed my build around the new long sword and wow, it’s awesome. Now I can also use hammers effectively (since they scale around the attributes I’m using) and I loved a hammer I tried previously, but the sword of chaos I have as a secondary weapon is way too useful. If only I could use three weapons… ;)

Anyway, maybe I’ll shuffle a few spells around and get something that would replace the sword of chaos ability. Then it’s long sword and hammer time! :D