WOAH: Goldeneye: 007 Coming To Live Arcade


It’s the 1990’s all over again. The Packers and Cowboys are in the playoffs, OJ’s back in jail, and I’m excited about Goldeneye.

Hot damn.

Can I be 10 years younger?

And people are even calling for the impeachment of the President!

Apparently it isn’t going to happen after all.

As soon as I started reading this topic, I knew Nintendo wouldn’t allow it, and it looks like they didn’t.

Nintendo can go to hell and die. They may have brought me Pokeman and Goldeneye, but they’ve lost my love forever :*(

All they want are royalties. I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t want to give them royalties. (Do they not get royalties for the DKC games on GBA? Or Diddy Kong Racing on DS?)

Really you mean your ok with the line?

The XBLA version would have featured the same graphics, maps and weapons from the N64 version, but with the crucial addition of online multiplayer over Xbox Live.

Same graphics lost me right there, if I want that I’ll plug the n64 back in.

Your N64 allowed online multiplayer?


Yeah, the graphics would definitely need a sprucing up. Whatever happened to that Source engine mod (for PC obviously) that was going to be a remake of Goldeneye? Of course, it would probably be missing the music and all.

There was a beta release and checking their website it looks like they’re still working on it.


Someone found 30 minutes of footage from this cancelled game.

It does the Halo remaster thing where you can hit the back button on the controller to flip over to the original graphics.

The xbox 360 unreleased remaster plays really well on an emulator, seems like a much better option than emulating the n64 game as this remaster was designed to stick so close to the source material (unlike 007 reloaded).

Yet, the game has not aged well, so it should only be played for nostalgia (oh yeah I remember this bit in the level!, etc.). This is in contrast to playing the 360 remaster of Banjo Kazooie, which is awesome in every way.

So I guess they must have made a deal with Nintendo. The Switch gets a port, and online multiplayer exclusively, and in return, the game can come to Xbox.

One nice part of the announcement: those like me who own Rare Replay will also own Goldeneye as well when it comes out.

Oh, sure, just after I finally found my N64 cartridge.

The watch music controversy!

I played through the first level.

I had forgotten some of the animations. I laughed out loud at the side step animation. It’s surprisingly effective when you’re trying to snipe someone. Oh excuse me, I’ll just slow sidestep to my left. LOL.

I’m guessing the reason they weren’t invited is that executives are now used to 100+ developer teams producing games. So the idea of bringing them back together for a rerelease probably is dismissed on first thought. But it turns out Goldeneye is from the era of smaller teams and though they’ve all moved on, they’re apparently still around and willing to come back, if only someone had asked them?

I wonder why they couldn’t use the abandoned Live Arcade project. Probably some kind of rights issue.