Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - ARPG, CryEngine

So metal, it’s not even Wolfen. It’s Wolcen.

Discover an epic adventure and destroy your foes for epic loot online or offline.

Multiplayer mode: Co-Op/Multiplayer. Face challenges alone or with friends.

Free character development: No class limitation.

I have been keeping an eye on Wolcen, as I love ARPG’s. But I am super cautious about early access now, and I want to see if they actually get to release.

I played an hour or so of it last week. So far, so fun.

Two more days and they are out of early access.

Yeah I picked this up, looks good, 20% off with humble bundle and its going up a fair bit at release

I read it looks nice but is shallow build-wise. I was still considering grabbing it just before the price increase and refunding if I didn’t like it, but then I saw controller support could be a while off.

We didn’t implement controller support yet on our side, it will be done after the release of the game in the first or second free content patch, up to 6 months after the release.

So instead I’ll wait and read what you guys think over the next few weeks!

Was waited for it to leave EA, since it has been a while. Jumped in now.

I bought Wolcen on GOG.com back in the day and then they pulled support.

GOG was gracious enough to offer a full refund to everyone. I’ll never back these developers again, though.

Sure looks pretty

I played in the Early Access beta. The beta only went to L20 / Act One, but what I played was great. It felt like a bunch of good parts from Path of Exile (character building, customization) and Diablo 3 (great feel to combat) came together and had a baby.

I’ve seen complaints it is too easy, but there’s no way to know that without seeing gameplay much further in.

Does the passive tree have interesting game-changing nodes? The version I saw when it was introduced seemed kind of generic

IMO, yes, very much so. And the outer ring hasn’t even been revealed yet, I believe there’s supposed to be subclasses or something like that out there?

In terms of being too easy, yeah that’s really hard to say. It’s just Act 1 up to L20, I can’t think of many ARPGs that have any real difficulty that fast. I did see in their 1.0 patch notes that there will be two difficulty options to choose from, so I’m guessing one will be more “story” mode and one will be harder for those who want an immediate challenge.

This looks pretty interesting (I agree that it looks like a lovechild of Path of Exile and Diablo. And who doesn’t like a fun ARPG. Not sure if I’ll dive in right at the beginning though.

Kind of odd that they have been in early access for so long and so much has been kept hidden.

Yeah, I hopped in fairly late (maybe 6 months ago or so) and from what I understand, they had a pretty major overall a year back or so. The reaction to it seems to be positive, but it is surprising and unusual for so much to be under wraps. I know the Alpha had a lot more skills and abilities than the Beta did, so maybe they wanted to keep things fresh? I’m expecting a rocky launch, but I am looking forward to it.

Downloading this now, after seeing a whole bunch of positive previews.

I will not stay up until 2:45 on a worknight to play it, though. Probably.

Pretty decent general impressions video:

This is pretty darned good so far.

I’ve barely touched it due to being busy but I think it has promise. Tehre’s a lot going on with apparently upgrading skills, the passive tree, and allegedly upgrading the town later in the game. I think the decision to make left/right arm (and leg? Can’t recall) armor pieces separate is really more gimmick than anything else but whatever. As long as the loot is good it won’t matter (and I think ti looks promising there too).

There’s a bit of info in that video about the town upgrade stuff. Didn’t D3 already have separate arm pieces?

I like the customizablility of the of the passive tree, assuming there are interesting options