Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - ARPG, CryEngine

No, I stay steady at 70+ on a 1080 with max settings on an ultrawide (3440x1440) so your 2080ti should be smoking it.

I think I might be one driver version off the very latest, but other than that everything is bog-standard on my end.

Hmm so how come @LeeAbe above is getting 50-70 with drops to 30 on a RTX2080 at the same res, without changing settings (which I think default to Medium)? Odd.

Haha that’s not my screenshot, it’s from a Youtube vid. But coincidentally no, I haven’t. :)

Man, wish I knew. I have another machine with a 2080, I’ll need to get it installed there and try it out this weekend and see if I see anything weird as well.

Sorry, I am running a 2060.

Will play tonight and pay more attention to what I am getting and my settings.

1070 here and seems fine, but haven’t checked FPS.

This game is really great so far. Some of the abilities are just a joy to use. Attacks have weight. They just feel really good. And look amazing. The story is not why we are here, but passable.

Is there an ARPG that features the same satisfying whirlwind of combat feel as this game and Diablo, but doesn’t have the loot-shower/intense customization that they do? I just want to play through an interesting narrative with cool locations and badass enemies one time and then be done. I just want to rain death, not play the video game equivalent of a collectible card game.

Victor Vran maybe.

I second this; the weapons are satisfying in that game.

As an alternative: I think Darksiders Genesis – which is ARPG by way of a brawler – would be right up your alley, too @Matt_W. Lots of focus on satisfying, crunchy combat, with little in the way of regular loot.

Thanks! I’ll check that out.

Don’t know if this is a good place to ask? Is there a better place?

Here’s a pic of my Afterburner stats. CPU is coasting. RAM and video memory have plenty of space to spare. The GPU is well under thermal cutoff at 68 degrees.

But it is 100% maxed. The 61% to the right of it is supposedly ‘Power’, since it got placed in the GPU row I assume it is related to that. My fans aren’t blasting like they normally would be if GPU was under real heavy load.


Anyone know if that is normal? I have tried setting Nvidia to ‘maximum performance’ in power management option but it made no difference.

Can anyone tell me what space is bound to? Dodge?

Have you tried turning vsynch on? Just to see what happens?

Yeah, I am using Gsync so do run with Vsync enabled. The area just before the one pictured runs great over 100fps, it’s when I hit here it tanks. :/

Yep, dodge/roll.

Wait, I thought when you are using Gsync you are supposed to turn off VSync?

Thanks. Was one-shot by act 1 boss (first death) and couldn’t use a token.

I don’t think it makes any real difference. It controls what happens when you go outside GSync frame rates (rare), where you probably want it on otherwise it tears.

The GSync ‘bible’ at Blurbusters says this:

However, with G-SYNC enabled, the “Vertical sync” option in the control panel no longer acts as V-SYNC, and actually dictates whether, one, the G-SYNC module compensates for frametime variances output by the system (which prevents tearing at all times. G-SYNC + V-SYNC “Off” disables this behavior; see G-SYNC 101: Range), and two, whether G-SYNC falls back on fixed refresh rate V-SYNC behavior; if V-SYNC is “ On,” G-SYNC will revert to V-SYNC behavior above its range, if V-SYNC is “Off,” G-SYNC will disable above its range, and tearing will begin display wide.

I’m not sure about this ‘compensates for frametime variances output by the system’ thing

I always turn it off.

I’ve been playing this game way too much since it launched, and I’m very impressed. Yeah, the servers are a mess, but the game itself is terrific. They copied the best parts from D3 and PoE and mashed them together into something that’s awesomely derivative :)

I hope the endgame has legs.

I’ve always had crap performance on my Gsync display with Vsync enabled. Might be worth turning off to see if it makes a difference.