Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - ARPG, CryEngine

Thanks. Was one-shot by act 1 boss (first death) and couldn’t use a token.

I don’t think it makes any real difference. It controls what happens when you go outside GSync frame rates (rare), where you probably want it on otherwise it tears.

The GSync ‘bible’ at Blurbusters says this:

However, with G-SYNC enabled, the “Vertical sync” option in the control panel no longer acts as V-SYNC, and actually dictates whether, one, the G-SYNC module compensates for frametime variances output by the system (which prevents tearing at all times. G-SYNC + V-SYNC “Off” disables this behavior; see G-SYNC 101: Range), and two, whether G-SYNC falls back on fixed refresh rate V-SYNC behavior; if V-SYNC is “ On,” G-SYNC will revert to V-SYNC behavior above its range, if V-SYNC is “Off,” G-SYNC will disable above its range, and tearing will begin display wide.

I’m not sure about this ‘compensates for frametime variances output by the system’ thing

I always turn it off.

I’ve been playing this game way too much since it launched, and I’m very impressed. Yeah, the servers are a mess, but the game itself is terrific. They copied the best parts from D3 and PoE and mashed them together into something that’s awesomely derivative :)

I hope the endgame has legs.

I’ve always had crap performance on my Gsync display with Vsync enabled. Might be worth turning off to see if it makes a difference.

Can’t get back online tonight so I’m just sitting around watching tv.

Does anyone know what determines what your initial resource pool is? Is it always Willpower? I have made a magic user and a melee guy and their default resource is Willpower for both.

I also read that summoners are not very good - the summons don’t scale (as far as anyone can tell) and many of them are weak. I was sort of thinking of doing a summoner but I guess I’ll hold off a while. It doesn’t surprise me that there are bugs like that since a lot of the skill tree hasn’t been externally tested.

And lastly… my magic user is awesome! Using lightning with boosted status effects. To use the rage I was using some sort of barrage skill, but I just switched to an attack that basically lobs a mortar like projectile. So when I use all my Willpower I lob a few mortars and I’m back in business. I don’t even use a generator any more (so I’m sad I can’t remap the left button).

Well that’s the thing, it’s not always here. In the first area after you wash up it’s fine. It’s the area after the next cut scene (when you find Val) that it’s bad.

But of course I have tried various flavours of G and V syncs enabled/disabled to no avail. :)

Tonight was a very different experience. I did update to the newest NVidia drivers tonight, and the game has been patched twice since I last played. The servers were down for maintenance, so I started an offline character (caster).

Playing at 3440x1440, everything set at high, high anti-aliasing, Vsync off, on an RTX2060. Frame rate was 55-80 the whole time except the intro where you shape change briefly. There it dropped to 45. Everywhere else it was 70+ dropping to 55-60 with a lot of enemies on the screen. Also my controls felt much tighter tonight, it didn’t feel as slow. Granted I still haven’t played a ton, just got through the town and was exploring outside a bit.

Loving it so far. I don’t really get all the stats, etc (but I haven’t really tried to read everything yet either). Doesn’t look like there is any type of help system anyway. It looks interesting through, and fights are a lot of fun.

Only gripes are I would like to zoom out a bit more and I would really like to be able to rotate the map. Playing something like Grim Dawn in ultrawide, you can always rotate the map so you can see further in the direction you are going, and I really missed that here. It felt really constricted at times because of this. Minor gripes that I can live with, because everything else is pretty great.

Glad you were able to enjoy it.

Livor Mortis (golem) made the first boss fight much easier to deal with.

So something weird happened. My gfx config was corrupted somehow (‘Graphics Quality’ was blank and the other settings were a mixture of stuff) and suddenly the game was running at 90 where previously it was dropping to 20. As soon as I changed the settings again it went back to 20, and no manner of changes will improve matters much. :P

So now I have to figure how to get back to that state. I can’t seem to locate where the gfx config is located

I’ve had the graphics quality thing for blank as well. Didn’t think much of out.

That graphics config thing is wierd. There is a config.cfg file in the Wolcen home directory with a bunch of stuff in it, not sure exactly what you need though.

I have run into one annoying but - my minimap completely blanked out. Was in a map and it went away (and I don’t recall why). Zoned back to town, no map. Was about to quit and restart but right before I zoned again and it was back. Other than that (and, uh, the lack of online play last night), pretty smooth experience.

Also: when they say OFFLINE character they really mean local - a toon I created last night on my laptop upstairs is nowhere to be found this morning on my desktop. That’s unfortunate.

Yeah I don’t think it was actually anything. It happened again and made no difference.

And then I managed to get it running well again somehow, without the config showing blank. Then of course the next restart it’s bad again. The joys!

I won’t bore you guys with my woes any more but this is kind of a pain. :D

Haven’t seen any mention of guilds. Are guilds a feature?

Is there shared storage between characters or does each character only have it’s own storage?


Have not seen any info related to guilds. In fact, the only thing online mode offers I think is the ability to group with others. Oh, plus access to your toon from different machines I guess…

No shared stash that I have seen either. Disappointing IMHO.

Weren’t you having issues with another game just last week, as well?

One YouTuber was saying you didn’t really need to make multiple characters, which would imply less of a need for a shared stash. Get some gear you like, just respec your skills to suit it.

Strictly speaking that’s true but for example, right now I am leveling one magic user, one melee guy, and one ranged guy, and it would be a supreme pain in the butt to keep respecting them back and forth when I want to try different styles of attacks. Not to mention that there’s no good way to save your loadout so it would be a nightmare if I decided to switch from one to the other.

You’re right, it would be nice, but I think they are trying to be more fluid. Your character is always changing, evolving, so don’t stick to one build. We’ll see, I am still really early. I have tried melee and caster, but think I prefer the latter so far. Will see where it goes.

Yeah, cross-character stashes really need to be a thing and I’d be surprised if it isn’t introduced in one of the first updates. I want a character I play solo and a character I play with my friend, for example, so there’s definitely a desire to have more than one character and it feels archaic not being able to swap items between them easily. I have to go all 1996 and hand them off to a friend with one character so he can give them to another, which is silly.