Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - ARPG, CryEngine

Yeah, thanks for the clarification. I should have worded it as “extra levels”. It’s been nice to turbo charge my main attack skills.

I hit the act 2 boss last night and that was quite nuts. Honestly the boss fights can be annoying but they sure as hell aren’t boring.

I’ve definitely had inventory lag where tool tips don’t show up and have to click on an empty spot or something to fix it, loot targeting issues on the ground a few others, but nothing crazy.

I also wish they’d add full text pop up on mouse over for loot on the ground and I wish there was a non magic movement skill. I’ve been building for 2h weapon smashing and I can’t use any of the fun stuff to get around quicker.

Still really enjoying it though.

What about spacebar dash?

If you are still struggling, switch to pistol and catalyst. Grab Livor Mortis. Win.

That dash kind of feels like it should be used for combat to me, and especially since my build is a damage dump without a lot of defense options.

And from a feel perspective it just doesn’t scratch the same itch for me.

I have been creating new character s and trying skills since then but that is good advice. I also read somewhere that you should dodge towards him instead of away from him and that sounds like good advice too.

I finished a little mini dungeon today at level 4 and had my choice of 4 legendary items.

I think I’m getting really terrible RNG rolls. I was stuck (at what ended up being a bug) so I watched someone else play and while he was level 28 to my level 25, he had 2 purple and 3 legendary items equipped and I’ve only gotten 1 legendary (from a quest) and 1 purple (from a chest - it’s a cool shield but I’m going mage). Sort of a bummer.

It’s definitely RNG, @Scott_Lufkin. I hit a selection shrine in the first zone and was offered a choice of legendaries. So I got a level for legendary staff.

And my game just froze because I think they pushed out a patch… Looks like online mode is working for those who want it… maybe I spoke too soon… I was online in town and the game just booted me back to the title screen. Perhaps everyone is hitting the servers at the same time again or something.

If anyone else is an incompetent on this game as I am, I found this video very helpful.

Servers are working again.

About the only thing they didn’t seem to address in some way is the item grade problem. 15 minutes in I already didn’t want to look at white items and I can see it won’t be much longer for the blue items either. Doesn’t stop them dropping by the dozen, though.

I finished the game with a gunner deathgazer ray and sentry build, very similar to Rhykker’s build. I’m lvl 41 and it took about 15h. Teleporting around to generate rage and dumping all that rage with the death ray is awesome!

I enjoyed myself, didn’t play with a lot of skill, but i’m looking forward to try other build.
Like other people said, those act boss are hard. Always took 2-3 tries before I could kill them.
The end game mode looks fun, but didn’t play it much yet.

I’ve started a new character directly in that mode, the stash and town are shared with my other char.
I’m not sure why you guys said the stash is not shared, but seems like it is for me. I’m playing offline mode (since it’s the only way to play)

I’m level 30. One legendary drop and one unique.

You just described every aRPG I’ve ever played. A way to filter would be nice. If also like to be able to toggle drop tags on all the time.

Heh. At 15 hours I’m level 30 in act 2 🤣

Yeah, I played another couple hours and I still haven’t had any big drops yet (level 28). It’s extra frustrating because I’m stuck on a frustrating difficulty spike during this set-piece battle somewhere around the early-mid part of Chapter 2. I feel like my equipment is way behind.

How does the game actually feel to play? For example I found the actual gameplay of Diablo 3 noticeably superior (especially on console) to PoE, but always enjoyed PoE for its character customization.

I realize it’s a difficult feeling to quantify, but I think most gamers understand what I’m asking.

It’s Diablo 3 and PoE having a baby. It has a lot of the good feel of Diablo 3 with a lot of the crunchy customization stuff from Path of Exile. That being said, it’s (understandably, IMO) not as good as its predecessors in the areas they excel. It doesn’t have the level of polish Diablo 3 has but still feels great. It doesn’t have as many crazy builds and uniques as Path of Exile, but it still has a lot of options and there’s a lot of fun character building to be had.

At the end of the day, the feel is significantly better than Path of Exile and the builds are signfiicantly more varied than Diablo 3.

The arena?

@MisterMourning a number of skills I’ve tried feel incredibly satisfying to use. I have a couple that just never get old, which is super important in a game like this. Many I havent t routed, but early impressions are very strong for me.

Well, have them send you a thank you card because that sold me more effectively than any advertising. I’ll give it a go!

No, that was fine, it’s where you go into a vault and several survivors are besieged, and you can turn into the Angel form for part of the fight. The first time I just ran out of deaths, and the second the altars that are supposed to recharge you so you can go full angel-mode (archon mode?) didn’t light up like they did the first time - a bug, I assume - and I just couldn’t keep up with the damage sponge massive enemies that spawn in what I assume is the last stage of that fight. I feel like my overall damage AND defense is a little low for where I am, and I’m like 3 or 4 levels higher than the enemies in this zone.

Are there difficulty levels? Maybe I’m playing on too high of a difficulty level?

EDIT: Of course, I tried one more time and got through it - sure enough when the fountains light up like they are supposed to, and you know better how to control that new mode from trying a few times, it’s not too bad.

From the get go - Normal and Story Mode.

Story Mode is easy “I’m just here for the Lore/Story”. Normal is how it’s meant to be played. Not sure how difficulty scales at endgame or after story completion.