Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - ARPG, CryEngine

I’m trying a pure mage build. Using the staff to get some willpower back. But it feels like I’m always running out of willpower. I’m using annihilation and It works really well for now.

I’ve got some willpower regen on some gear, some attack speed to hit more often to gain willpower. I also have the +20 willpower on hit. But that little pause in between beam to regain power breaks my murdering spree.

Not sure if I can do anything else to regen faster. Any tips?

And many people mention loot. I got 2 staff from drops and 1 from the shop since I started. It doesn’t feel good.

I’m running a pure caster as well, I’d suggest going for -willpower cost on every item slot that can carry it. Both shoulders and both gloves definitely can. Probably another slot or two but I’m not an expert. There are a bunch of skill nodes that reduce costs as well that add up.

And yes, the downside of this “classless” system in this case is that the game makes no differentiation in drops. At least Diablo 3 would drop 80-90% stuff you can use. You can and will go through long dry spells without finding a new weapon in campaign if you are married to one type, which as a spell caster you pretty much are. Check the weapon shop every time you’re in town. Cross your fingers? Do a loot dance?

The random loot god shinned his light on me tonight. Got a new staff with some add to spell damage, spell damage % and 2 offensive II socket ( for more flat damage to spell). I actually double the damage for annihilation!

With the life steal from spell and the healing seal( bullward?), I was able to face tank the act 1 boss. It felt much better then with my little gunner :)

I didn’t see any -cost on item yet, but its good to know it exist. Thanks!

I think I’m almost at the end of act 3 and finally got some good drops. Of course the 3 uniques that dropped were of no use to my current build at all, but I did then get a legendary 2h axe which was awesome.

I’ve now also been able to spec into a node which basically removes willpower regen altogether so fights are a lot smoother.

OK, made it to level 16 tonight, beat the area with the demon you have to unleash. I guess I am closing in on act 1 boss.

I made it to level 13 without realizing I should add dagger skills cause I only had one melee weapon skill up to that point. Now I have 4 skills working in concert together that seem pretty fun, similar to a D3 Frenzy Barb.

I made it to the outer circle. I spun them around until I got the skills I want to go for first. Does that permanently lock the wheel and if I want to work on skills on the far side I have to start from the center to reach em fastest or work around the outside?

Insert “I have no idea what I’m doing” dog here.

Is there a clan system here or a way to meet up with other Q23ers? I’m vckadath.4155 in game

You can rotate the wheel, but nodes need a connection to the center to be active

I think many (most? all?) people are playing in offline mode @kadath - since the servers were busted for like 3 days at the launch. I created an online character but he’s pretty low level. For what it’s worth, my id is charlatan.3133.

My toxic build breezed through the Act 2 boss and is about 60% of the way through Act 3. It’s obvious they did less testing on this act; I’ve seen a couple of geometry issues and none of the destructibles I’ve blasted so far have had a speck of gold in them in this act. Also, it’s starting to feel like a slog for me - dunno if it’s the sameness you start seeing in environments (you go through a many demon-infested zones, then you go through many sand infested zones… feels like much less variety than Act 1) or whether it’s just the fatigue of killing trash mobs over and over and over (and yeah, I get that this is what an ARPG is about so I’m trying to figure out why it would be different here).

I was thinking last night, one thing that D3 does that you don’t see here is armor/weapon sets. I don’t think Wolcen has them, and that’d be a good addition.

Also, it’s pretty stupid when you get a duplicate dye - you can’t consume it, and they sell for 1g so I simply throw it on the ground - hey guys, just let me consume it for 1g, ok?

And my last complaint: they need to iron out the UI with click-selling. It’s way too finicky deciding between a drag and a simple right-click. I often have to click two or three times to sell an item (also a ‘sell-all’ button would be great).

Still having fun but starting to look forward to finishing Act 3 and hitting the endgame activities.

I thought it was just me with click sales. Whew. Thanks for the info to you and @Misguided.

I’m actively jonesing to go play this more while sitting at work, so they did something right at least.

Same here with selling.

Only at the start of act 3. Funny about the environments because they’ve been so good this far.

I had a couple of environmental issues in act 2

I’ve definitely seen gold in breakables early act 3.

Great point on the dyes.

Sets to me have always seemed cool in theory, but inevitably, they are lame for the amount of work to acquire them or they are massively op (like D3 where the entire game is built around them)

I think build-defining sets and/or uniques are a cool idea if implemented well! Your point about the difficulty of obtaining sets is well taken but didn’t Grim Dawn or D3 add a feature where you could turn in a set item to an NPC and get a random item from that set? That seems like a reasonable idea.

I’m always blown away by the amount of “sets” people collect in these games. I get like one set after 100hrs and I think RNG must’ve broken for a second to gift me that bounty.

Just wanted to add that (to me) another thing they did incredibly well is the sound design. When you hear an enemy weapon hit the ground it sounds like a Volkswagen hit the street after being pushed off a rooftop.

It’s clear and so chunky. It adds so much to the combat feel and really goes hand in hand with the weight of the animations.

Honestly if they sort the bugs, some qol stuff and balance/itemization issues this will be stellar. It’s already really damn good, but I feel like it could legitimately be great.

I hope they do well enough to realize the potential here.

Totally agree! I got a perfect demonstration of how much it adds to the game for me last night. I was in the middle of a boss fight when all the sound effects cut out. I could still hear music and some UI effects, but none of the attacks, spells, or anything else had any sound. I really felt the absence because as soon as the audio unglitched itself and kicked back in, everything felt like it had so much more impact, the feedback was a lot better, etc.

This could definitely be a great game. Hopefully based on all those sales they’ll be able to hire a few people to help update it.

It’s already a pretty good game, but it has a lot of geometry bugs that can potentially result in fail states for the games version of rifts, which is frustrating to be 15 minutes into one and realize you can’t get a reward because you got ported into a wall by an enemy grab.

Also the enemy damage output just feels wonky to me. I either feel like I’m barely getting tickled or it’s a one shot from a big guy. Maybe I’m just right beneath the threshold of being able to survive that hit, but it’s not possible to tell as far as I know. This isn’t that big of a complaint because these attacks can be dodged of course, but it’s frustrating when you experience any latency on their servers (which has been semi-frequent in my experience so far).

But yea, I’ll probably play this a bit more over the weekend and then shelve it for a few months and check back after some patches. It really could be something pretty great with some more time.

Fortunately I have not encountered any geometry related errors.

The biggest bug I encountered was in one fight where my minion ended up getting trapped on the wrong side of a wall that appears to you from leaving. Recasting him just makes him shout a taunt so I could not get him on the right side of the wall. Funny thing was, when he taunted, he got the attention of the NPCs so they were on one side of the wall trying to hit him and he was on the other side of the wall, trying to hit back. Nobody was doing any damage though. So I guess… working as intended!

That happened to me last night. What you can do is change the options on the skill (like deselecting extra HP). Any change to the skill will kill it so you can summon again.

People play these games 400 or 500 hours…

and 1000 and 2000 hours…

Wolcen Code not found! I tried =)

Are you fucking kidding me, how many times do you have to beat Edwin? I killed him 2 and a half times and he finally got me both times I fought him.