Wolfenstein "Game of the Year" edition ships

Did anyone actually name this “Game of the Year”?

If not, this is a useful precedent. Now they can start releasing those “Harry Potter” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” GOTY editions…

Yes, it won Multiplayer Game of the Year from both the Gamespot editors and the Gamespot readers.

RTCW is a great multiplayer game. I have a hard time going back to it after MOHAA multiplayer has improved so much, and the big surprise of Global Ops. Not to mention SOF2. All of those games strike a better blend of realism and fun than RTCW does-- it seems a bit cartoony in comparison.

Still, RTCW isn’t exactly chopped liver. This has been a banner year for great teamplay FPS games. Thank you Legacy Of Counter-Strike™!