Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The man in the high castle gets shooty


I recall it being on the top sellers list in the UK, haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.


In the U.K., it’s received some pretty substantial discounts.

Checking Steamspy, Wolfy 2’s tracking to outperform Prey, which isn’t surprising since the game was a sequel with substantially more marketing.


This was the post I was referring to.

I think the decision to sell at half price at Black Friday was made very early, since it had to be coordinated with all the retailers. I personally like the strategy. But @MrTibbs you might be right, maybe they saw the preorder numbers ahead of launch and saw that their sales would be low, so they made the decision at that time to sell the game for 50% off at Black Friday sales.


I bought this tonight. I’m loving it so far.

  1. Wait, they inserted two new difficulty levels between Bring Em On and I’m Death Incarnate? That’s not a good sign. I still chose Death Incarnate, but boy it is much harder than it was in the New Order.
  2. I didn’t realize that ships were so wheelchair accessible.
  3. I’m finally out of the wheelchair, yay!

I like that in the flashback, I had to make the New Order’s choice again on who lives and who dies. For some weird reason, I couldn’t remember who I chose last time, so I picked one before realizing that I’d picked differently in that game. The character I picked to live this time is so badass, it makes me want to go back to the New Order and play through it a second time to see what happens when I choose him. But it’s too soon to replay The New Order. Maybe in five more years.

The New Colossus is fantastic so far.


Despite the game’s attempt to prevent me from finishing, via crashes that required jumping through hoops to avoid and a patch that reset my progress on the next to last bit all the way to the start of the level, I finished it the other day.

What a ride. Loved it. Now, I fully get why some folks will not like this game, or even hate it. It is not a pure shooter. It’s sort of a weird comic-book political tract movie crossed with a linear if viscerally satisfying shooter. The combat was much easier than in the previous game, especially the lack of boss fights (hated those anyhow), and the situations fairly predictable, but I thought they were carried off quite nicely.

But what really sealed the deal for me is the metagame. I love it when a developer goes all in on a concept. Win or lose, it shows conceptual integrity and a willingness to lay it all out there knowing you’re going to get pretty much extreme reactions on either side. The choice to deliver an uncompromising, some would say over the top, harangue about fascism, contemporary American culture and politics, as well as race and gender issues was gutsy, and to me at least the cutscenes–which in most games bore the hell out of me–actually delivered the goods. I’ll never forget a few of them, for damn sure, and the language–rough, horrible so sometimes–fits perfectly with what they are trying.

It’s ludicrous in spots, hilarious in spots, terrifying in spots, and overall just a lot more of an experience than most games. One can legitimately argue it is less of a game per se and more of a media product, but in this case that’s fine with me. I definitely feel my 16 hours was worth the price of admission. And I usually would not say that about a shooter, where sixteen hours in the past has seemed short to me.


I made it to American soil, finally!

Also, there’s a number of stats that a game tracks as part of the Xbox One stats thingie, in the same category as achievements in the game hub. Well, this is the first game I’ve encountered that doesn’t track the time played. Which is really weird.

I thought the ending section in the submarine would be a section that I would never get past, since I was stuck on it for a few hours. I was beginning to think it was just impossible, but then I finally had a good run where I realized something very important:

  1. When you haven’t yet killed the area commander and he’s broadcasting for help, even though there’s enemies spawning in the area, they are not endless.
  2. This is pretty key because I thought you had to rush to kill the Commander after he starts broadcasting because he would endlessly spawn reinforcements, but that is not the case, so I eventually was able to get everyone and then go find the commander and kill him.

So yeah, that was a pretty important discovery. Overall, I love this gameplay. The mixture of stealth and full on combat is excellent, just like in the previous game. I never instantly reload to try stay stealthy, I always play out the scenario and see if I can survive with the alarm on, even though I will likely die. But it’s still fun to try.

So far my choices on weapon upgrades have been pretty bad though.

On the first upgrade I got a scope for my rifle, which I thought was an obvious bonus. Only, the lense on the scope is so reflective and dirty, I actually prefer using the rifle without the scope now. What a waste of an upgrade. Then I got the upgrade to be more stealthy with the submachine gun. Only… that silencer is not very quiet on that gun. So it’s not very stealthy at all. Another wasted upgrade, damn it.


Why not?


I meant, that’s a bad sign for me being able to finish the game on Death Incarnate, since it’s clearly going to be a lot harder this time. And so far, that bears out. It is much harder than the previous game so far.


Hmm, on the PC at least, I found the suppressor on the SMG quite useful. It has the same basic issue as the silencer on the pistol, though in that the damage you do is rather less than, say, the rifle, and with the SMG accuracy is not that great. So you need to either get head shots or put a lot of bullets into the target fast, so they drop before they can fire back. I found that the nailgun upgrade that makes the SMG do more (fire) damage is a good pairing with the suppressor, as the added damage helps kill guards before they can make noise, The weapon itself doesn’t, I don’t think, make that much noise, it’s just that it’s easy to only wound and not kill the target so that the target sounds the alarm.

But, overall, I found the weapon upgrades lackluster. And I agree the scope is at best so-so.


Play it in a less hard difficulty? The fact they added more options can’t be bad…


I wasn’t saying it was bad, as in “oh no, look at what the game designers have done now”. It was more “oh no, I’m in trouble, the difficulty I started playing on is probably a lot harder than it was in the last game, gulp, wish me luck guys”.


I play these games on easy, and I really enjoy them that way.


I agree. I dropped the difficulty down to the easiest when I decided to run through a second time to see how it played out saving Wyatt instead of Fergus, and I’m actually having much, much more fun. This game seems significantly more difficult than the first, and I enjoy it more as a Nazi-killing power fantasy than I did as an FPS challenge.


I love just running through areas searching for secrets double wielding and mowing down Nazis like it is going out of style.

I also love that this story goes there.

That white America accepted the Nazi takeover, leaving the people of color, queer, and disabled to rot.

Game says some real shit, and it doesn’t feel out of place. I fucking love it.

Fuck Nazis


There’s a demo out for the game on every platform now, which contains the first level of the game. And if you buy the game, your progress carries over from the demo to the main game. And of course, the game is on sale everywhere for half price right now.

I made my first contact with the resistance in America. Gosh, right after that is one of the hardest sequences I’ve ever played in a first person shooter. I played for a few hours yesterday, but no progress yet. I do love the combination of normal enemies, drones, heavy enemies that they throw at you. It really keeps you on your toes, and forces you to always change positions while also being mindful about not getting flanked.


Wolfy II’s difficulty does not fuck around. Medium difficulty on W2 = hardcore on just about every other modern shooter.

It gets a little annoying sometimes, though; e.g. the people’s court level had me tossing my mouse a bit in frustration. Heavy-hitting hitscan enemies in cluttered arena levels are super annoying.


God damn does this game go places though. Wow.


Well the cutscenes go places. The game keeps going to the same place :)


OK, I’m stuck on the big fight at the “___” State Building (is Empire State a trademark or something?). Any tips to cheese it somehow? Somehow in my savegame I have no grenades and I can’t find any in the chaos.
The final big boss always gets me even if I manage to beat all the other guys.


Are you using the big weapons dropped by the heavy dudes?

I was having a really tough time with the fight too. During the fight, you can go around and explore and gather ammo and armor and whatnot. Do this very carefully, and if you get lucky and mow down people and collect things, save the game, that way you don’t lose that progress. There is an upgrade for your weapons in the back corner somewhere. Once I got the weapon upgrade, I hadn’t been damaged much yet, so I saved my game there. Then, everytime I died, I would first go into my weapons menu and choose an upgrade.

The upgrade that finally helped me get out of that mess is the upgrade for the laser gun where you can supercharge your weapon. Basically you can hold the trigger down to charge your laser gun, pop around a corner and kill a big heavy dude in one shot. Once he’s down, you can switch back to another weapon to take care of the little guys. If you have enough juice, take care of the other big guys the same way. I ran out of juice, so I picked up the heavy laser dropped by that first guy, and used that gun to take care of the last two heavy guys that show up.