Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The man in the high castle gets shooty


I cannot imagine that anti-Nazi-ism could cause any kind of meaningful controversy. Well, except for people that would identify as Nazis. Which makes me wonder if that number is larger than I’m thinking. I’d always assumed that that group would be a very tiny minority, but I could be wrong, as I’ve never had a reason to look into it.

Which is to say that I think that taking a stance against Nazis would be a pretty damn safe stance to take.
EDIT: Politically safe, I mean. Personally safe, maybe not so much.


I’d have to imagine half the complaints about #NoMoreNazis is people thinking it’s a general purpose hashtag accusing Trump supporters of being Nazis. We’ve seen before where Twitter marketing stunts get misunderstood because people are clueless and don’t look up the context.

I’m sure they got some actual Nazis too.


It’s twitter and junk, so there’s a couple of things going on. First, obviously, is that no one really gives a crap about Nazi feelings. They’re right up there with zombies as being a video game enemy that society has decided is okay to shoot. The few actual self-admitted Nazis that are offended by Wolfenstein are probably a minuscule minority even among Nazis. Second, I would wager that Pete Hines was thrilled that some idiots are spouting off on Twitter about this, because it gives him an excuse to take the brave stance of being against Nazis. Kudos.

That said, the “Make America Nazi-free Again” slogan did probably trigger a few Pepe Trumpsters as well as the “keep politics out of mah games” crowd. These people may not be Nazis, but the obvious parallel to Trump’s MAGA hashtag is too close to ignore. So while “Nazis are bad” is kind of a d’uh statement, I think it’s disingenuous to not acknowledge that someone working on this game’s marketing knew exactly what they were doing.


I’d say it’s just as likely that oversensitive clueless Trump supporters are assuming “Nazi” is now a dog whistle on the left and get their back up anytime they hear or read it. Like those morons who complained when someone (forget who) tweeted out the whole “give me your poor, your huddled masses” thing, they just went nuts about Trump hating libtards not supporting his immigration policy. Well no, you dumb twat, that’s on the Statue of Liberty.


Fucking Trump, er ist überall! So excited for this game.


I think NAZIs would have really liked the first-person shooter genre (and violence in video games/media in general) had it been available 70 years ago.


I had to look at the render a few times to make sure it wasn’t an image of real people with makeup.


That is pretty uncomfortable to look at.


It was NPR. They have read “The New Colossus” (hey, what a coincidence!) on-air on July 4th for many years, a different NPR person reading each line. They decided to also tweet it line-by-line this year.


Put cat ears on both of them and it’s less uncomfortable.


You may be on to something


Also I agree with Pete Hines that 36 is more than 20.


Heh, now that’s a response… :v


I thought this might be good so I played the first one a bit as Tom said it was the tapir’s nuts.

I had to stop after London. I thought the spiel was the story was good, but keeerrrriisst it was awful.

It’s a bit hard to root for a guy when he’s so monotonic and one dimensional you want to box him around the ears to see if there’s anything clattering around in there. ‘Committed suicide for the cause. Good guy. Wonder if I would? … I would. I wonder what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow?’

This guy is so awesome and has so much shit to get done right fucking now he slams the door in frustration at a guy who wears an adult nappy.

And whats with that chick who just rolls over for him the moment she’s done spoon feeding him and scrubbing her parent’s brains out of her blouse? I didn’t even hear them have a decent conversation.

14 years in a fucking coma, and he what - fucking deadlifts on the weekend? Jesus wept!

The best part was when that crazy Prussian bastard slit the limeys throat. He could talk underwater that guy. I could have sworn I saw ol’ blue eyes breath a quiet sigh of relief.

But I have to give it points for the villainy. The wok eyed facial animation really brought out the batshit crazy thousand yard stare.

I replayed some of Chronicles of Riddick a while back, and the monotony sort of stuck out to me too there. I guess it’s a real Swedish metal thing.

There’s a sense of campness in the original which really lightened the tone. I can see where they tried to hit that, but it’s the protagonist who needs to be recoloured.


It’s sad that they have to pre-emptively apologise.

I would go all out and get Harvey Weinstein to endorse it.

You think Patton ever apologised to anyone (except perhaps his niece)?

Fucking unAmerican.


You seem pretty fussed again. :)


What is this referring to?


I guess they’re apologizing to Nazis?

We usually punch Nazis.


I’m confused here. Who apologized to Nazis? Bethesda certainly didn’t.


They blinked.