Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The man in the high castle gets shooty


Why can’t you explain what you meant by “they blinked”?


No, you can’t explain what you mean, but you want me to offer an opinion?

What the heck?



Why won’t @telefrog condemen teh Nazis???



Because he blinked man - he just blinked.




I love this.


Launch trailer:

I’m sorry Bethesda flinched from Nazis.


I love the action in that trailer. It gets the blood pumping just to watch it.

What’s this at the end about pre-ordering the game to get Episode 0? Is that a single player mini-campaign you get?





Its a pre-order mission where you play as some of the supporting characters from what I’ve seen.


Holy crap at this game’s opening!

That is all I’m saying.


Wait what? Is this out?


Oct 27th launch.


No orgies, but review copies are nice.


ACG liked it, gave it a BUY rating.


Good thing I already did! Tomorrow should be fun.


Yeah I saw, you are on my steam friends list. :p

If anyone is looking for a discounted copy, I have one posted for sale in the steam trading thread.


Watched Del from AJS stream it a bit.

Seemed cool, then I got sick of the dozens of man-children Nazis in the chat and left. Their mods basically let some dude bitch about miscegenation and did nothing. So that’s fun.

Racist dude in a flashback? He’s the real hero and we should all be more like him.

Unfollowed AJS on Twitch after that. If you are that big and can’t bother to moderate then have fun with that sort of bullshit.