Wolverine: A darker, deadlier Ice Cream Man

I was driving past the Baskin Robbins this weekend and spotted that Wolverine has a new ice cream flavor!



Wolverine’s Berry Rampage, featuring, no doubt, adamantium sprinkles, razor-sharp claws and cigar ashes.

It is to weep.

I put the “D” in "deadlier[/size]

I want to say something funny.

But Wednesday, April 30 is free scoop day!

So on Wednesday I can get free ice cream and on Saturday I get free comic books. It’s a kid’s utopia!

We don’t have Baskin Robbins in Austin anymore. They sold all four of their locations to something called Kaleidescoop. I bet they’ll close down too. Austin’s icecream eating population is very loyal to the local Amy’s Ice Cream chain.

In Dallas there seems to be an influx of X’s Cream Shop-named places, or Coldstone Creamery or whatever. Bunch of different ones. Looks good and all but… hmmm… still have a Baskin by our house, though.

— Alan