Woman helps save gunshot victim, gets fired for her troubles

“She was away from her job for no good reason.”

Here’s another classic quote:

“We feel just as bad as the next guy, but we don’t pay employees to be EMTs (emergency medical technicians), which she isn’t,” supervisor Jason Boyd told the Selkirk Journal last week.

Disgusting. Reminds me of the chick who got fired from a Taco Bell some years back for helping some kid who had been beaten in the parking lot.

I smell lawsuit!

My buddy just got $20,000 for a slip and fall accident that happened to him 2 years ago.

I doubt it.

a). She’s in Canada
b). She was working a pizza delivery job, she’s probably not rich enough to afford a lawyer.
c). I’m sure that on legal grounds, the pizza company has the advantage. Once again highlighting the difference between law and justice.

I doubt it.

a). She’s in Canada[/quote]

Ahhhh. Why didn’t you say so? Do they have lawyers and courts up there? I thought they made all decisions based on whether the person weighs more than a duck or not. If she weighs more on a giant scale with a duck on one side and the woman on the other, she deserved the firing.

I’m with the pizza man on this one. The lady was delivering pizzas with - for some reason that the article fails to explain - a non-employee friend in the car. The friend gets a call that there’s been a shooting near where she lives. The article gives no indication that the friend had any idea who the person was who got shot, yet the two decide to stop delivering pizzas in order to go investigate. Just for kicks, apparently. It’s not as if the delivery woman was fired for helping a wounded person she stumbled across in the normal course of her job. It’s more like she tossed her pizzas out the window, drove to Las Vegas for a gambling spree, and then just happened to give CPR to somebody who keeled over at the next video poker machine. If this lady gets a police scanner installed in her car, is it okay for her to respond to every call that comes over it?

Don’t be silly. We’re far more advanced than that.

Of course everyone knows that the duck is lighter than you are.

We have modern, scientific methods. If the duck dunks its head, you’re guilty. If it just floats around, you’re innocent.

(In other words: we’re not as litigious as Americans.)

When I said Las Vegas, I meant Windsor, Ontario.

Does Windsor even have slots?

No, but Niagara does. That’s one damn expensive casino!

Does Windsor even have slots?

It sure does.

I’ll be damned. I’ll have to check it out sometime.


Canada is chock full of them. They go all out too.

Canada appears to be more strip-crazy than the U.S. When I ran a hot dog cart in Calgary, we called it the Canadian Ballet. Through mouths stuffed with free hot dogs.

Yeah, me too. If she encountered the victim while delivering a pizza, then yeah–she should stop and help. Alternately, if she got a call on the phone about a friend or relative getting shot, then it would be completely understandable for her to rush off and try to help. But to get a call about an apparent stranger getting shot in some distant location, and then leaving her job to go help… I dunno. If her friend in the car had a cell phone, why not just call 911 and send professional help? The news report was obviously trying to cast the pizza shop guy in a bad light with that “she’s not a paramedic” quote, but I think it’s a perfectly valid point.

It sounds like there is more to this story than the heavily spun news report reveals.

Well, the shooting was near her home. I’d consider that a cause for worry.

Also, I don’t see a problem riding around with a friend while delivering pizza. If the friend is willing to do it, what’s the harm?

Mississipi is covered in casinos. One of which I am going to for a Bachelor party next month. How blasphemous would it be to pray for a strip club located in the immediate vacinity?

Gambling, you are going to blow money and have supposed “fun” and some free drinks to show for it. Strippers, OTOH, you are out some cash, but that kinda fun is a bit more memorable for me. Plus those $1s and $5s go a lot slower than a five dollar min. table.

Insurance doesn’t cover non-employees.

Insurance doesn’t cover non-employees.[/quote]

True, although she makes the argument that the company doesn’t insure her anyway (at least, she did in an interview on As It Happens last night – see Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio) The interview’s not up yet, but they should post it soon…?

Anyway, seems a little wrong to fire someone after they respond to a gunshot without putting out any sort of press release or anything about why you fired the person. I mean, there are probably good reasons, but I haven’t been able to find anything online about why they fired her. Anyone know more?