Women at war -- a juxtaposition

Although this picture is from the war in Iraq, it’s not so much a commentary on the war, as it is on the state of the world today.


Here, an Iraqi guy is giving a female British soldier a flower.

The Israeli army have had female soldiers for some time, but this is the first “real” war for US and UK women combatants.

In another note, the daughter of a local San Jose city councilman landed an A-10 that had been pretty thoroughly shot up. In a briefing afterwards, someone apparently asked her what her call sign – KC – meant. Although her initials are KC, she answered, “Killer chick”.

This is all somehow profound, but I can’t figure out why.

As ever,

Loyd Case

Step One in understanding American primacy – how about a culture that doesn’t immediately cast aside 52% of its cumulative human potential?

That KC was pretty damn cute, too. And as petite a fighter pilot as you’d ever see.

Mark Bowden, the reporter/author of Black Hawk Down, wrote a pretty good piece in the Atlantic Monthly last year about Air Force F-15E crews based in Kuwait making the long flight to fly patrols over Afghanistan and back. Lots of those F-15 pilots were women, and one of them was so pissed about 9/11 that she’d say “You’ve just been killed by a woman!” whenever they took out Taliban.

It’s just weird to think that woman are flying combat aircraft. I know they’ve been doing it for a while, but this is the first major war where the’ve taken center stage.


The Soviet Union had equal rights for women decades before the US. Russian women were flying aircraft in combat during World War II, they were on the front lines of the civil war and the Russo-Polish war.

Still, having women on the scene in Iraq might actually have an unexpected side benefit - helping defuse some tension. As we all know, the largest source of social disturbance is the young male, and the best way to tame him is…

Not totally false in context with the opponent in this war, but your point is very well taken. A couple years back, I read an interesting piece about some of the Russian women pilots who flew against the Germans in WW2. I believe there was at least one well-decorated sniper, too, if I recall correctly.

Women can be very good fighter pilots, too. One of the instructors at the Top Gun school in Miramar years back was a woman test pilot, who regularly embarrassed the macho carrier jocks. At that time, women couldn’t fly combat missions, so she was officially a civilian.

However, this is pretty new to the US. Being the father of two daughters – one who is very much a Tomboy, I have somewhat mixed feelings, but overall think it’s a good thing.

As ever,

Loyd Case

Er, yeah except for the lack of almost any rights for their any of their citizens. Zero does indeed equal zero.