Wonder Woman 1984 - Patty Jenkins and an Amazon

Comics gonna comics, I guess.


Original plan was to use WW for their cinematic universe thing, when that fell through due to several terrible movies featuring grimdark Superman and Afflek Batman, they were left with a single successful DC franchise to continue, but WW had no present-day supporting characters, so they’re bringing square-jaw whassisname into the future.

Hello Generic McWhiteguy, Mr Wodden Name wooden actor, actor Chris, no not that one, or that one, the boring one.

Why? Did anybody actually care about his character? Wonder Woman in the 80s is far more interesting than ‘Wonder Woman I the 80’s babysits boring dude from the 40s brought back from the dead’

Don’t you mean the 10’s?

Chris Pine is back? Awesome.

No, I did not.

I am explicitly saying that the very inclusion of Chris Pine back from the dead makes the movie inherently less interesting.

I don’t think him being back from the dead is less interesting, on the whole I like Chris Pine, I’m just confused as to the how is all.

I like Chris Pine because he’s a great Capt. Kirk. I’m glad he’s back.

Comic book movie logic is stupid as fuck anyway, so I really don’t have a problem with comic book movies comic-booking presumably dead characters into a sequel.

That’s certainly true, but I agree with Craig that it would be more interesting to watch WW finding her way in the wild 80s without the crutch of a hunk she crushed on 40 years back.

Or we could do something and let Wonder Woman be Wonder Woman and not try to fall all the dark blah of the other movies. They did great with 1. I’ll trust them with 2.

I’d still love to know what happened to Wonder Woman in WWII, Did she just say “fuck it all” and hide out on Themiscrya until 1984?

Well to be fair, the ending sucked.

I expect they’ll cover all that in an expository sequence when WW unthaws the square-jawed hunk from the block of ice. He’ll be like “Diana? What are those pants you’re wearing, like giant balloons?!” and she’ll be like “Oh you’re so silly, Brandon. Let me catch you up on the past 40 years in a short montage set to Madonna’s Material Girl!”.

Compared to what? the over decade build up Marvel has been doing or the crap that’s been DC’s usual. You say it sucks, but I would say even with the ending Wonder Woman is with the front of the pack when it comes to these type of movies. It really wasn’t that bad and it certainly didn’t make me leaving the theater any less happy.

Of all the comic book things out Chris Pine coming back is even close to any terrible list of ideas out there. I think it will be fun. I don’t go to comic book movies to not watch a comic book movie. I go for fun. DC could use a huge dose of more fun.

The ending sucked compared to the quality of the rest of the movie. Felt like it was written and produced by a completely different team. Obviously that is just my opinion.

I feel like I’M taking crazy pills since everyone in this thread either forgot WW1 took place during, uh, WW1, or y’all forgot how to subtract. 40 years my ass…

@stusser, I agree. As soon as Ares showed up the movie went downhill into the normal CG comic movie BS. I was really hoping they’d have done the ending from the George Perez run with Wonder Woman using her lasso on him to make him see total global war would kill his own worship.

I don’t think anyone forgot. That’s why some are wondering why they jumped to the 80s and skipped over the other wars. What has she been doing for decades is a valid question, but again, I have no reason to distrust their vision, and that includes Chris Pine.

The last battle scene, well, battle is battle. Wonder Woman took a lot of risks, bucked the trend, it was unproven and now that it’s proven… can’t wait to see what’s next.