Wonder Woman 2017 - Beating Marvel to the punch


Well I didn’t see a jet…


Wife was psyched enough about the movie to get opening night tickets (early), so I just got out.

I liked it a lot. I’d put it in the upper 30% of recent super-hero movies. It’s still got a bunch of Snyder rattling around in it (he co-wrote), but it’s nowhere near as turgid as the other recent DC movies.

The first third is pretty effective character set-up, the second third is a great fish out of water sequence with some decent social commentary. The last third more or less devolves into a standard super-hero punch-fest, but it was still fairly well-done. They obviously learned a lot about having better supporting characters from Marvel.

The action sequences were great, by and large. There was one fight scene were the CGI got a bit heavy, but most of the others were directed in a way that made WW’s fighting seem… well if not “realistic” then at least “conceivable”. The final fight was ludicrous, but what can you do?

I was a tiny bit disappointed that they wimped out and had a Big Bad to fight at the end because it seemed for a minute that they wouldn’t. But they redeemed themselves at the very end and mostly stuck the landing.

I saw it in 3D and would of course recommend against that. The movie is pretty dark and grey, so wearing shades didn’t help much. There was no scene where I was glad I was seeing it in that mode.


I’ve always been the Druid type myself


Went last night, loved every second of it. Gal is a wonderful WW.


How was Chris Pine?


He was good as a mansel in distress.


Pine was great, everyone was great.


There must have been extensive changes to the final act late in production because an important thing looks almost nothing like the merchandise.


Was it the invisible plane? :D

I can only imagine the CGI budget involved in adding it to the movie!

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet, there might not be a plane.


For anyone curious who’s seen the film already but doesn’t know what I’m talking about, google: “Wonder Woman Ares toy”.


He made a spectacle of himself.


We just got back from the late showing. It was a good serviceable movie. Lots of travelling with sporadic fights showing how awesome WW is to keep you entertained.

The opening scenes on Themyscira were awesome. I could have watched a lot more of that. (I misheard this as “the mysterious isle” - and only upon looking it up, did I realize the island had a real name). However, once their veil of secrecy is breached and the island fighting begins, it felt a bit off as an island full of amazonian warriors who have been preparing to battle the god Ares take quite the beating from a rag-tag group of German marines. It brings to question how strong these women really are.

As the movie goes on, the powers of WW are brought forth in great detail and they were really fun to watch, although I dare say I wish the action could be followed more easily. It was all over so fast, I wanted more!

Gal Gadot really personifies WW and she brings a strong & wholesome character to life. In some ways it felt like a female Captain America as she has the naivete of someone who knows all the world languages, professes love but is a great warrior.

Nice movie.


Now that the thread title debate has petered out and people have​ seen it, can anyone comment?

To reiterate, JW would be the very upper limit of not too realistic violence she would take.



It is remarkably bloodless for a movie about WWI and featuring a heroine who uses a sword as her primary weapon, but there is a LOT of killing and implied death.

In fact, despite the fact that a lot of the action scenes uses Snyder’s “300” style of fast-slow-fast shots with hand-to-hand weapons, I don’t think there is a single blood-spatter in the entire movie. Nor is there a single shot of a gaping wound, or a head-shot or anything like that. The camera cuts away from such stuff or simple shows someone falling (dead) after getting bloodlessly hit by a sword on the off-camera side of the body.

There are a couple scenes of people dying from poison gas, but despite their disturbing screams you never see them directly… they are always obscured by the gas or hidden behind chemical gear.

It’s less disturbing than Rogue One and far less bloody than even the first Jurassic Park.


Thanks @Tin_Wisdom. That’s very helpful. I think she might be OK with that.



There are also some shots of soldiers coming back from the front who are wounded, lost limbs, etc.


My 8 year old daughter was fine. The horrors of war violence, as Tin wrote, were largely implied, not rendered onscreen.

There were a couple scenes w sex related banter between WW and Trevor. My 11 year old son, when they finally kissed: “This is the scariest part of the movie”.


LOL We just got back from it and I wanted to read this thread. I heard my 9yo son say, “Aww, yuck,” two seats over during that scene.

Their attitudes are really going to change in a few more years.

Good movie, definitely DC’s best so far. As already mentioned, I could’ve done with more of Themyscira and Diana’s upbringing. Couldn’t care less about the creator’s fixations since none of that appears in the film. One big complaint is more about marketing than the movie itself; the trailers have again shown too much, I felt like the action scenes in Veld were stale because I’d already seen those fights multiple times. Yes, I could actually NOT watch trailers (hard to do at the movies), but those have always been part of the excitement buildup before a movie’s release.


Having now seen it, I believe this was intentional. While the amazons were in hiding, the world had been passing them by. The world didn’t need them anymore as they once did. It needed Diana, and at that point, they had served their purpose by raising her. I actually think they acquitted themselves quite well given the technological disadvantage.

As to the violence in the movie and suitability for kids, I’d say while it isn’t very graphic, it IS rather intense at times, with a lot of implied death.


I like your approach. I could jump on that wagon and agree.