Wonder Woman 2017 - Beating Marvel to the punch


Well it was actually shown at the end of that previous movie too… that briefcase was not the only clue. We’ve seen that photo before.


I do recall that part. I just didn’t catch the significance of the photo and the delivery. I’ll inevitably watch it again when it hits video.


Oh you missed the truck and the briefcase text, got it.


I think the note was signed “Bruce”, too.

It’s actually a really cool moment crafting a bond between Wayne and Wonder Woman, much more than the ham-handed “Martha” bit in BvS.

Bruce goes through the effort to track down the original image because he, too, knows the significance of having something connecting you to those that you’ve lost.

The modern day bookending was a good approach, albeit very similar to what they did with the first Captain America (though of course, that movie didn’t invent that literary tool, either).


I thought Captain America used it better because the modern day stuff was a direct result of his actions in the WWII story. He’s frozen in time and wakes up in modern NYC. His chance with Peggy Carter being lost to time. In Wonder Woman, it was just a narrative device. “Here’s the story behind this old picture.”


It’s a nice tie in for future movies for WW though too. They’re already engaging, two superheroes, in a far more natural setting and method, like two real people as opposed to that forced mess that brought B and S together.


Well, they’re engaging in a natural manner as long as Batman is offscreen.


Oh, and I was mildly disappointed that we didn’t get a Lynda Carter cameo.


On this topic of inconsistencies, I thought that there was a war boat that was chasing after the pilot and then they discovered the Amazon island. So, whatever happened to the war boat? I was half expecting them to fire some of those big cannons at the Amazons.

I am not big into WW in the comics (but now, thanks to sales, I bought George Perez’s work on it) and I thought the movie did a great job at introducing the backstory. Didn’t expect her to be a demigod, no wonder she didn’t choke in that village that was covered by gas.

Not a lot of cringeworthy scene, which is a huge plus for superheroes show. My 8 year old and I enjoyed it very much. I think she has a new idol now, lol


Superheroes are always are powerful or fast or smart or weak or slow or not-so-smart as the story requires. There’s often great inconsistency.


You mean that big destroyer looking thing? I assume all the guys on it got on the little boats and got destroyed by the Amazons… don’t care what anyone said those Amazons did awesome considering what they were against the the choreography for that beach fight was outstanding… but anyway back to the empty boat that would have drift away…

Awesome about your 8 year old. I know there are some articles flying around who made fun about women crying during the movie. I didn’t even though I found it moving but the friend I went with said she’d been waiting decades for a Wonder Woman movie/revival… thought it would never happen. She rarely sees movies in theater, doesn’t read comics, never saw any of the Marvel movies… went strictly based on watching WW as a kid on TV.


Yeah, that war boat. I thought they would have more soldiers/commanders and would not have emptied the a war ship in pursue of one pilot. Anyway, not important, considering these days, a lot of movies does not go to that level of details anymore.

Women crying? Which part I wonder. Probably the part where WW crossed the trenches and save the village. That scene, to me, was very well done. A true heroic act by her and a great show of her outing herself as stronger than we originally thought.


I don’t think she was holding back before that moment. Her power was increasing as the movie progressed, arguably due to increased conviction/belief. She’s a demigod, maybe her powers are constrained by her own belief in herself. I think it’s much more heroic that she went up there because it was the right thing to do, rather than because she knew she couldn’t be touched. Superman walking into a hail of bullets is no braver than me walking into a spring shower.


Yeah you’re right. They don’t empty battleships of all personnel to board things except in Hollywood movies.

No Man’s Land was awesome despite… final result which I guess is also important.


So, apparently they are going to be reshooting significant portions of Justice League. Maybe to make Diana’s role bigger after the success of her movie?


They should definitely do that. Otherwise Batman and Superman will mistakenly believe they’re the stars! ;-) jk.

My heart was rather sad that that JL was basically done before they could see the reception of WW though. Marvel and DC have these ultra tight release movies every year kind of schedules that they’re not leaving any room at all to consider audience reception. I know; I know it’s art and vision but still…


In roundabout way, Joss Whedon will finally get to film the Wonder Woman stuff he always wanted to do.

No lie. I’m curious how much of his original WW script he will be able to slide into JL now.


But…but…Ben Affleck!


In the background during the beach landing it looks like the ship is listing to the side and sinking. Perhaps there’s a protective reef or sandbar that keeps out larger ships.


I am already waiting for the 2017 version of this gif.