Wonder Woman 2017 - Beating Marvel to the punch


tehee his response is fun too


You know, what was the timeline of that original interview, March of last year? With the announcement of their divorce, the thousand yard stare could have been anything, but sometimes … things are related.


Haha, short of Google, I have no idea when a celebrity gets married, separated or divorced. His silence could have meant anything really. The fact someone made a super popular video out of it and he kind of made a fun reference to it later at least keeps it light.

I have no idea whether or not my strong dislike of B v S, and it was strong, was his responsibility or not. I was sad that he might have been sad about the reception like that, charmed that someone made a clever video about and humored that he referred to it later.


BvS had a lot of problems, but Affleck’s portyal of the character was definitely not one of them.

EDIT - Not that you were saying that, I just mean he shouldn’t have felt sad for his own piece of the film. I know he’s a huge Batman fan IRL, just a massive fan, and I thought that really showed in the best way.

Also, I saw a clip on some night time show that Affleck’s favorite batman is actually WIll Arnett’s Lego Batman.

Also also, Ben’s 4 year old son believes his father is actually Batman which I find awesome/adorable.


I agree on both points but usually (not always) when I’m at the checkout counter at the grocery store and ALL the magazines have the same topic, sometimes it actually ends up being true. They have been separated for some time and are officially divorcing, or have divorced, whatever. I’m sad I even know that. Fuck mags and sites making money on shit like that.


Going to the drive-in tonight, beautiful weather today here in SW Ohio, main attraction is Captain Underpants and the 2nd film is WW. The boy and I are both looking forward to watching it again, the girls plan on going to sleep once the first movie ends.

I suspect parts might feel slow since it’s over two hours long, but since I’ll be staring at Gal the entire time I think I’ll manage.


I just got back from this. Amazing movie, right up until he point Ares showed up. Then it became typical DC comics Synderverse garbage. The movie should have stopped after Steve gave his speech, with WW vowing not to fight anymore. Until Doomsday, later.

Ares sucked. The rest of the movie is good enough to forgive the Stephen King ending, though. It’s like when your DM runs an awesome adventure and is like “Crap I guess they deserve a boss fight” and kinda ruins it.


[spoiler]Of course I knew David Thewlis was Ares the first time he appeared onscreen, but I figured he would at some point transform into a awesome, beautiful Greek god. Nope, still just David Thewlis rocking the hipster mustache, even in the flashbacks.

I agree that the punchity-punch in act 3 was a big let down.[/spoiler]


You guys are such cynics, I am too, but I loved the Ares appearance… I kind of expected it, but I loved that it showed how POWERFUL WW is. In comic book terms she can kick Superman’s butt and has, and in Marvels realm she’d be on par with the likes of Thor (who has been somewhat lessened in the movies).

i was greatly surprised by Wonder Woman. It’s a better movie than both Thor/Captain America which are similar. I thought the chemistry between Pine and Gadot was what made it for me. Both really took there roles as far as they could.


My wife cried with joy about 5 times during this movie, and 4 of them were during the scenes in Themyscira. This movie was just wonderfully written, and acted, and filmed. The tone was pretty much perfect for me, from the battle on the beach to the shopping scene to the trench and village fight. When she busts into that room with the Germans and her theme started up, it was like seeing Wonder Woman the way I’ve always wanted to see her. We’ve had so many superhero movies with so much blurry hyper action it was beautiful to see her do something simple like flip that armored car. She was so fluid and strong, while still being feminine and … and I can’t believe they pulled this off… almost childishly naive at points. But that whole theme of her ascribing evil to a supernatural influence while Pine is trying to gently tell her humanity is its own foil was absolutely ruined by the ridiculous Ares fight at the end. Now I will give them Ares is a worthy foe and a main villain but his reveal was a little offputting, it kind of broke the tone a bit.

Other than that just a superb movie. Patty Jenkins knocked this out of the park. They should give Whedon and her the keys to the franchise.


WW is definitely better than Thor (1 and 2) and the 1st Captain. But Winter Soldier is just a whole different type of movie and helps to push superhero movies in a whole different direction, you can’t really compare WW to it, or at least compare and say that WW comes out on top.


Captain America was orders of magnitude better than the tripe that was Thor, IMO. WW was pretty damned close to Cap 1 (high praise–one of Marvel’s best movies ever if not the best). Overall, though, I give the edge to Cap because I think Steve has a better story arc than Diana. Diana is already a god/demigod when the movie begins (though she doesn’t know it). She’s the quintessential chosen one. Steve is the 70 lb weakling who becomes a hero. I also think Red Skull is a stronger villain (though I liked the twist that Ares was the God of truth, not of war and that the real villain is mankind).

These are small nit picks, both movies are great.


Yah Winter Soldier is actually my fave Marvel movie. I might even say its as good as Nolan’s Dark Knight.


Also, how badass was Claire Underwood in this? Its hard to believe its the same actress that played freakin’ Buttercup. Wright’s part was short but magnificent.


Would you say it’s… inconceivable?


Saw Wonder Woman to last night!

Guess it wasn’t No Woman’s Land…

I thought it was decent. Although I think they left some plot points on the cutting room floor.

I felt they must have cut some stuff on the supporting characters.

For example,where was the character arc explaining how The Chief went from “I don’t fight, I’m a smuggler” to Mr Explosives? ’

But the biggest omission was any explanation on the bracelets, unlike the rest of her arsenal. They just appeared during her training…

Chris Pine is either really good actor or eminently forgettable, I didn’t realize Steve Trevor was “New Kirk” until the credits!


I agree; they probably left stuff out for pacing purposes. I wonder if we’ll ever see a “director’s cut” version, but I kind of doubt it.


They didn’t explain her colored armor or shield, either. I think the point is that the bracelet’s aren’t magical (or uniquely magical)—it’s just really tough metal, like her body armor and shield. It’s her skill that lets her deflect bullets and her innate powers that let her do that explosion thingy. The lasso was explained because it had magical powers. The Godkiller was explained because it was a plot point—it actually didn’t seem to have any particular powers.


That’s because she’s the GodKiller. That was just a sword they gave a name to keep her origins a secret from her. Presumably they never talked about the bracelets either and let her assume that power she saw was those, not her… another secret.


I’m aware of the role of the sword in the story. The interesting thing is that she never really expressed that much surprise at her emerging abilities. The first explosion, super jump, super strength (during the climbing scene). It’s clear that the other Amazons aren’t superhuman, but she doesn’t seem to be too curious about weird things happening. I don’t think the Amazons even tried to fool her by attributing it to the bracelets. I guess she’s use to being unique, being the only child on an island of (ageless?) adult women.