Wonder Woman 2017 - Beating Marvel to the punch


More numbers need to be taken into account (marketing and distribution, opening weekend vs trailing weekends, China performance, broadcast presell), but you’re still probably right.


That’s cool, although maybe your daughter enjoyed it a little more than you thought if she started watching superhero movies after watch WW 1 when they and the captain movies have been available for awhile now.


She has always been a little of a more “serious” movie fan, or at least someone who thought the Marvel movies were beneath her. I do remember her loving the Bale Batman movies.

She will see movies with “the family” because I pay for it and we usually go out for dinner afterwards. But yea, I would agree she must have liked WW more than me to get her wanting to see the Marvel flicks.

And it’s not that I disliked WW, but I am not a fan of the ending and there were just parts of it that seemed off.


I finally saw this this past weekend. I had promised myself that I was done with the DCEU, unless WW garnered universal critical praise.

Well, it did, so I went.

I’m so glad I did. What a breath of fresh air this film was. Having a character who is so inherently noble, and with such a strong desire to simply be good and do good - I loved it. That optimism and naivete coupled with the film treating the character as a god - just wonderful. Marvel characters generally are a little closer to home; even with Thor, they humanize him by humbling him in the first film, and making him somewhat comedic in latter films. DC definitely mythologizes their characters a bit more. And that served them well here.

WW herself is just … well, she’s super well written, and super well portrayed. She’s completely aspirational while also feeling just enough “other” that you’re slightly in awe of her. Hell, when the movie was over, I felt like a kid who wanted to dress up like Wonder Woman for Halloween (note: you would not want to see this, I’m a middle aged, hairy man with what could maybe generously be referred to as a Dadbod).

This kind of hopeful optimism - without any of the slight cynicism or tongue in cheek attitude that you find in other superheroes (from both companies) was totally what I’ve been missing in comic book movies. I think the last one I saw that felt this earnest was maybe the first Guardians of the Galaxy.


I watched this over the holiday. I thought it was good but far from great. The fight scene music was jarringly bad. And the posse that followed Wonder Woman and Chris Pine was pretty pointless. They didn’t add much, I am not sure why they were there to be honest. Also the end…parachutes were a thing. It’s worth pointing out that Gal Gadot is super hot. Lynda Carter to Gal Gadot, that’s a nice hand off.


Just to be pedantic, parachutes were just BARELY a thing. Some German aircraft used them here and there, but they were mostly used by spotter blimp crews. And parachutes back then were stored in a bag connected to the fuselage – the “backpack” parachutes didn’t really come into being until after the war.

Fun fact: parachutes were specifically NOT equipped on Allied fighter planes in WWI because it was thought having them would encourage the crews to vacate expensive planes when there was still a chance at recovery.


This was very much my reaction to the movie, and it’s still how I feel about it.

I also think that a lot of the things that I really liked were handled sometimes so subtly as to be missed. Her attitude and her treatment of other people make everyone around her a little better. She says, “Who will sing for us?” with no trace of irony; and while Charlie doesn’t once again become the amazing shot his reputation suggests he once was, he does begin to contribute more to the group, acting as a scout with his scope (in a fight they all could have avoided by simply taking their pay and going home). The movie doesn’t hammer such things at the audience, but they are there demonstrating her compassion, integrity, and charity. I was glad the writer and director went this route, but it requires the audience to pay attention a lot more than most summer superhero blockbusters do.


Oh, I liked this part a lot too! Maybe I’m reading into it, but I thought she wasn’t making a joke at all. Like, to her, she sincerely thought his singing was an important contribution to the group. Because I could imagine that to the Amazon fighting outfits, a warrior-skald or something like that would be essential. How could a unit function without a bard to raise morale and keep people united?


Another small scene I loved, her first taste of ice-cream and telling the man who sold it to her he should be proud.


She came across as a truly personal and caring leader in the show, in a way that no Batman or Superman movie has before. My memory only serves us Captain America as the other analogue I recall in recent superhero movies.

In contrast, in other movies there is some pitch about “freedom” or the “world” and magically the least performing member gets over his “problem”. If the hero gets concerned about someone in his team, it’s usually in the context of saving his life from imminent danger.

I felt touched because in this scene, she emphasises his contribution on a totally different level, perhaps making him recognise his worth in something he never even thought about. She values everyone differently, not just on their combat ability.


I saw this and was kinda bored, but I liked a lot of it - love Gal in the role, like a lot of the narrative decisions including the setting, generally found the action scenes at least decent (and the trench scene and beginning of the island fight better than that) but often less memorable. The superfluous side characters were tiresome and the entire narrative seemed like more of a rough draft that needed a few more polishing edits to be up to the standard of some of the better Marvel movies (and, conversely, a lot of those films feel like they’re too much the product of solid decisions of committees that round off the rough edges but also any creative vision of individual artists).

Actually think I like BvS and definitely Man of Steel better. Even though there is nothing in this movie as bad as some of the nonsense in BvS, there are also none of the peaks of that move (such as the first 30 min, or the Batman warehouse scene, or any of Wonder Woman’s scenes in that movie). I’m definitely the kind of viewer that gets more satisfaction from flawed movies that have a few great scenes than flawed movies that have shallower scars but fewer memorable moments. That’s one of the reasons I actually like the first couple Star Wars prequels more than Revenge of the Sith or Force Awakens despite there being some godawful crap in those prequels and more muted nonsense in the the latter movies and more consistent quality.

But Suicide Squad is still the worst.


So, I saw it tonight.

Gal Godot was amazing and did a great job with the role. But I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like I was watching 5th Element Again. Some of her facial expressions really reminded me of Leelo.

I didn’t like any of the other actors. The Dr wasn’t bad, but it just felt campy. As others have noticed, the default German Bad Guy is “Hey look, Nazis!” I did not like the posse. One guy felt like he was channelling Sammy Davis Junior, the Scottish guy was unnecessary and I thought they lost a potentially crucial moment by having Chief (oh, that name) explain his people are homeless because of the Americans just didn’t go anywhere, Daniel Huston I kept seeing The Axeman from America Horror Story.

I had figured out the reveal early on. The final boss fight was boring. The 3rd act made me think I was watching one of my video games.



Is that going to put it up against Episode IX?


Nope… Episode 9 wants the summer of 2019 to make all the monies.

Release date: May 24, 2019


Ah, I wonder if they can hold that date. VIII was scheduled for May 26 of this year and got pushed to Dec. 15., or right at two years after VII.

If they couldn’t do VIII in 18-19 months, I’m skeptical that they can pull that off for IX, especially with the plan at least somewhat shaken up by Fisher’s death.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII




Finally saw this and I have to agree with @Desslock in that I was bored.

The relationship between Diana and Steve is almost cut-and-pasted from a bad romcom.

The movie is telling me that war is terrible, but in a super hero movie that craves conflict, that message cannot be convincing.

The ethos of Ares, that there are no good guys fighting bad guys, only bad guys fighting bad guys, it could have gone a lot deeper. But it is as if the movie can’t trust the audience enough to show that intelligently, so it ended up shoveling it to down our throat with boring expositions, in between boring fights. Why Diana ended up defending humanity is almost deus ex machina: because of love??? How corny and superficial is that?


Exactly as corny and superficial as pretty much the entire run of every Wonder Woman comic printed ever :) I thought it was perfect for a WW origin movie, exactly what the character is about.