Wondercon 2010

Anyone from Qt3 going?

Wouldn’t that be Wondercon 2010?


My girlfriend and I intend to attend. Probably just Saturday though.

One of the things that got left behind when I left Cali.

I’m probably heading up to Emerald City Con though.

I hear that is a fantastic con.

McKelvie and I are at Emerald City Con. Though I do need to buy tickets.


I’ll be at Emerald City Con as well. Perhaps we should start a thread for that.

I’ll definitely stop by and say hi. Are you just doing Image, or is there some Marvel love as well?

What are the chances for a Seattle Qt3 meetup on the same weekend. I’m rarely in the states and the only other time I got to meet a fellow Qt3’er is when Calistas came to Singapore.

I will probably be attending WonderCon on Saturday, and brianrubin is coming up from SD.

Any one else going? Brian would like to do karaoke on Friday evening.