WOO HOO! I got a job interview

Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Best of luck!

Yay! Good luck, not that you’ll need it. :)

  • Alan

Thanks guys!

It’s just been a long year pounding the pavement. The biggest problem has been being almost 50 and use to a six figure income. Now, “the powers that be” are saying developers were over paid and they ae now readjusting our rates. I can deal with that and market rates have dropped for Cold Fusion developers, but I just want to get back to work.

It’s not easy being older and experienced.

Unless your Jeff Green :D

Good Luck! My Father-in-Law is an Electrical Engineer and is in the same boat. Not sure why anyone who has ever earned 6 figures would need luck from me, but you got it.

Good luck.

Here here to the bullshit corporate America attitude of less-experienced, cheaper labor so that CEO’s can line their pockets with more of my money. :)

Hey Skies, best of luck! And it’s good to know there’s somebody besides that whippersnapper Green who’s almost as old as me around here.

Interview advice, item #19: during your interview, try to avoid ending sentences in “comma bitch exclamation point.”

Hey Tyjenks,

That was for one glorious year (and the Feds took most of it :cry: ). Believe me, I appreciate any and all votes of confidence. Oh, BTW, I do see quite a few positions for EE’s on Dice.com and http://arizona.jobing.com/default.asp.

I did find out an interesting fact from a few job recuiters. It seems certain recruiting firms based in India, Pakestian, and other Far East countries, have been agressively targeting the American IT market with less expensive labour. This appears to be one of the primary reasons application developer rates have dropped by a good fifty percent.

Don’t know how true this is but my sources are pretty good. There also appears to be trend towards American based multi-national to out source much of their IT needs off shore. What Met_K said

Your how young? And do you still do many shots of tequlia?

Oh, I’m not that old. It wasn’t that long ago that I was shouting, “He did it! Lindy landed in Paris!” Was it?

Good luck on your interview, Skies! Knock 'em dead (not literally, of course)… ;)

OH, I realize just because you made 6 figures you are not rolling around in 100 dollar bills, now if you are single…I expect you to post pictures of the trips to Rio that you took on a semi-annual basis.

I am a mere 33 and I wish you would not use the word Tequila ever again. Just typing it causes my stomach to churn.

Good luck Skies. I’ve actually just sent a few resumes out myself. I’m still employed, but have had some salary reduction and business is pretty shaky.

It is definitely the case that a lot of development work has moved offshore. The difference in cost of living makes bidding for work for US firms pretty easy.

Well, the interview went well. It seems like the IT director and his lead developer took a liking to yours truely, but one never knows. They said I did well on their test. I’ll know more next week.

In the mean time I’m getting hit by opportunities left and right. Got three this morning. Makes me wonder if I’m the last CF developer in Arizona. :)

Thanks again for the votes of confidence.


You need to find the right tequila. Cuervo is just plain rot gut. Sauza Commenrotivo is much smoother and a bit sweeter. Now if you have about 80 bucks to spend, Patron Silver or Gold is pretty good.

I do know what you mean. I’m the same way with Scotch. Bleeha! :shock:

Way to go, Skies. And btw this geezer is strictly a beer man these days. There was a time that the beer may have followed a shot down the thoat, but, alas, that was long ago and far away. :(

Good for you Skies! I may not be at yours or Green’s age, but I am getting up there. I have been out of work for a month and a half and interviews are few and far between. I am no developer, but I work in the software industry. It’s just brutal right now. I had an interview last week with Nintendo that went very well, but they won’t decide until next week. My fingers and toes are crossed.

But shots are good and good for you. Especially the doubles. What’s your beer of choice?
I see your a Chi-Town guy. Where?

Best of Luck to you Tim. I’ll drink a toast to your potential good fortune. What sort of software stuff do you do?

I have been a technical writer for the past 6 years now. It’s really an odd kind of job. Despite the name, you really don’t need a lot of technical experience (at least not for some software projects). I am always meeting technical writers that really don’t know much about computers, but have been doing this for years.

I also wanted to mention something about salaries. I have also heard that salaries are lower across the board, but I got a contract last year that paid more than I ever made before. That said, this job at Nintendo would be less than I’ve made in a while. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that the market will come back again.

I see your a Chi-Town guy. Where?

Downers Grove