Wood cases?

Reading Jason Cross’ AMD vs. Intel Core 2 Duo article that Loyd Case linked to yesterday, I noticed the ad for their mod contest:

That one on the left really caught my eye. It looks like a Stickley-style arts & crafts wooden job what with the crosshatching and such. It got me to thinking: can you get anything like that commercially? We have a 1907 craftsman bungalow, and something like that would fit right it. I’d pay some serious coin for a craftsman-style crosshatched case if I could get it.

I haven’t been able to find anything about wooden cases online. Do any of you have any contacts on something like that?

edit: just perused some of the snaps from that contest, and it appears that it’s a Japanese-style thing, not a Stickley. Still cool, though.

I had a case of w…

oops, wrong forum.

It’s the Sangaku case.

It’s very well made and also very ugly.

But when looking at american interior design one gets the impression that you guys really like your oldfashioned dark and heavy wood - me I’m all about pointy shining metal and light wood.

Years ago a cabinet maker friend made a wood computer case for me. Maybe find a woodworker to make a custom case for you?

How would an open wood case like the one in the picture provide electromagnetic shielding, though? Wouldn’t the unshielded computer interfere with other electronic equipment nearby?

Edit: the Sangaku case is very nice indeed. Now I want one.

“Wooden cases” are one of those ideas which sounds good, but every example I’ve seen in person was revolting, a kind of 1970s walnut burr dashboard for computers, vomited forth on the world in all its badly-routed, polyeurethaned horror.

The way to do it, I suggest, is to buy a beautiful wooden box of sufficient size and put a computer in it. Approach it as appreciation for the simply beauty of the thing, rather than as posh rice.

Well, with the number of case mods that use plastic and glass panels, it seems that this isn’t such a big issue anymore. I run my computer without the side panels, have been for years, and I’ve never had problems. But I’m not saying that problems won’t be had.

I guess the way to find out is to run your comp with the panels off for a few days in the place where you intend it to be and see if your TV or sound system or whatever goes nuts.

Hmmm… a market for Amish made computer cases?

For horse powered computers?

Good idea! Complete with reflective triangle.

Seriously though, what better artisans to make wood computer cases.