Wooo! HD prices finally starting to drop

4TB for $159.99 USD. Limit 5.

what about 7200rpm drives?

I thought those larger capacity drives were still viewed as relatively unreliable? I remember reading something about the failure rates for 1TB and above being high compared to smaller sizes.

1TB? I’ve been using 2TB - 3TB drives for the past 3 years. No problems, as long as they aren’t WD Greens…

Pretty much all brands (samsung/WD etc) had issues, but that might have been early on. Then we had the issues that messed up supply and made prices much higher than they used to be, so yeah i’m not sure on where the reliability is currently, but surely the HD manufacturers would have had time to sort out the issues on the +1TB drives?

I specifically hunted down two 500GB Samsung Spinpoints for my last HD purchases, rather than go with one of the then newer 1TB drives that seemed to have quite a high reported failure rate.

I just recently ordered this 3 TB from Amazon for $119. It’ll be my first multi-TB drive, we’ll see how it goes.

Why do you ever need more than 640K?

Porn. Duh.

That was likely a reference to the Bill Gates quote back in the 80’s regarding computer memory (“640K ought to be enough for anybody”), which Gates has denied ever saying.

I picked up two of these for $154 CAD each after 5% GST.

one of my two have started to fail.

don’t want to jinx it but usb3 is where it seems to be failing–usb2 works still for now. copying 3tb of data from one drive to the other takes 48 hours at 20meg/sec. ugh.

strange! That’s why I prefer eSATA, more solid than everything else.