Word 2004 for Mac problem

I have a Word form for my sales force to use for contracts. On this form is a phone number field that auto formats. Works on all the PCs in every version of Word from 2003 on up. But one sales person has a Mac and has Office 2004, and in that version, I enter 5555555555 and when I tab out of the field instead of getting ( 555 ) 555 - 5555 like on the PCs I get 5555555555.00. If I try to force phone number formatting and put in any parentheses or hyphens, it tells me it isn’t a valid number.

To make things even more odd… if I enter in 555.555.5555 when I tab out of the field it formats it as ( 555 ) 55 -

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? My Google-fu is failing me and I can’t seem to location a solution.

Wah? Office 2004 for Mac? That’s like someone telling you Excel XP won’t run your macros.

Office 2004 for Mac is dogshit, and as you noticed it has almost no compatibility with Word at all. Tell him you don’t support it, Microsoft doesn’t. Since then there have been two major revisions, 2008 and 2011. 2008 is fine as long as you don’t expect to use Entourage (the broken-as-hell Outlook clone). 2011 came out in October and is significantly more compatible. If he comes back with “wah I can’t afford to buy programs” I’d suspect TextEdit (Mac’s version of Notepad which opens .doc files) probably does a better job with your form than Word 2004.

That will probably be my answer, however, I had to at least try… we had a similar issue with other calculation fields and there was a patch for that, but not for phone number issues.

+1 on what Lum said. Ditch the relic. It was bad when it was new, and it hasn’t aged well.

I can confirm this - TextEdit is much better than Office 2004 for Mac as far as rendering .doc files correctly. Make sure he isn’t running 10.2 or something stupid before telling him to buy Office 2011.

I had to double check this wasn’t a thread necro. That should tell you something.